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Kashmir News Network (KPN) website is the most comprehensive source of information and infotainment for the Kashmiri Pandit community. Its primary aim is to connect the Kashmiri Pandit community across the globe. By virtue of its enviable position as a focused and comprehensive online local information provider, KPN offers our sponsors/advertisers a powerful tool to reach the Indians, Kashmiri as well as non-Kashmiri community. Advertising on our website gives you access to our large and rapidly expanding group of media leaders, opinion makers, business professionals, internationalists, academics, politicians and frequent travelers.

How to Advertise on KPN

This screenshot will guide you through a range of advertising opportunities currently available on KPN. Should you require a creative in another format, please let us know.

Available ad slots

  • 500x55 Banner

  • 170×140 Big Rectangle

  • 140×100 Small Rectangle

  • 75×60 Button

  • 140×400 Skyscraper

  • 500×55 Footer

Ad Requirements & Guidelines

  • You can submit ads in either JPG, GIF, Flash or HTML formats.
  • Advertising should not contain material that KPN considers to constitute or promote discrimination. No adult material, gambling or tobacco advertising, or content that is not family safe, will be accepted.
  • The maximum file size of an image or HTML ad should not be more than 40kb.
  • Expanding Flash adverts must be user-initiated by mouse over or click.
  • All audio must be user-initiated with “mute” and “stop” functionality.
  • All public policy, advocacy, political or candidate advertising must be clearly identified on every frame. 
  • Please send us your image or Flash ads at least one (1) week before your campaign’s start date.
  • Ad placement locations shown in the picture are only approximate. Actual placement location can change due to editorial content length.
  • Custom arrangements may be available upon request, and are subject to a premium. All ad space is sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • KPN reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising at any time.


  • Payment for all insertions must be made in advance.
  • For the rates and any queries or help with with your ad campaign, write to us.


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