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Intimidatory Warnings

Not content with the tempo of exodus of the ethnic minority community, the Muslim religious zealots pressed into service the local daily newspapers and started periodic write ups in a vituperative and malicious propaganda offensive against the Kashmiri Hindus, culminating in repeated warnings and final ultimatum through the pages of "Daily Alsafa" on l4th April,1990 giving the community two days to leave the valley or face retribution and death. The good Samaritans of the Muslim majority community who had offered help, solace and protection to the Kashmiri Pandits were also threatened, coerced and subdued to fall in line with the fundamentalist designs and they, therefore, advised the Kashmiri Pandits to leave the valley for a 'temporary period' till normalcy returned to the valley. Both gentle and well meaning persuasion was adopted side by side with covert and overt threats to recalcitrant Hindus forcing them into exodus. Meanwhile unbridled violence and brutal murders went on . More than one thousand Hindus have been killed, hundreds are missing, possibly dead or kept hostage. Women have been held captive in remote hideouts of the terrorists to satisfy their lust . An unspecified number of those Hindus who are still living in the valley in mortal terror are victims of extortion, religious persecution and kidnappings.

Seal of the Central Office of Allah Tigers

The terrorist's intimidation:
Leave Kashmir in one month otherwise danger to life and family. 
This is Last Warning.
By Order
Dist. Commander

An Appeal



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World Kashmiri Pandit Conference, 1993
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