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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


loli manz bo karay goor goor

    I'll rock you in my arms !
    O my pearl, do not forsake me.

    Your beauty's rising fame
    Filled me with a mad longing
    To beg at your door.

    Just one glance from you
    Sent me into love's consuming flames,
    Like one tumbling down the skies.

    O ravishing moon, don't hide yourself !
    I pray some oid job tempts you out,
    So that we see your radiant form.

    How much like Sheereen or Badwaljamal,
    Or a hourie emerging from Paradise,
    With pearls gleaming on a swans's neck !

    At dawn you came to the purling stream,
    With beauty's noose slung on your arm,
    And trapped the thief of love !

    I'll lie in wait for you in the deepest woods,
    Kneel at your feet under the jessamine bush - 
    My Forest of Najd and Mount Sinai !

    Mahjoor is languishing for your love,
    And shall offer whatever you ask.
    Pray you too show equal faith !



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