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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


suli gatsh bedaar guli bostaanay.....

    It's break of dawn, O flower in the garden,
    Listen to the bulbul's impassioned song !
    Wake up and open your wild eyes !
    Listen to the bulbul's impassioned song !

    The blackbird sings with full abandon,
    The wild mynah chants your song of love,
    O my beloved with sleepy eyes !

    Many a cup has the yemberzal failled:
    Be my guest, O bumble bee,
    I'll lodge you in my eyes !

    Though fully equipped for a splendid bloom,
    Buds always value the gold of silence;
    For words betray, and fragrance floats away !

    Mark the poignance deep in the tunes
    That song birds play on their instruments -
    Tunes that have filled lovers with ecstasy.

    O morning breeze, you alone know
    The hidden soul of flowers !
    How could you make them unfold their bloom ?

    The goal is reached through sacrifice
    And purity, like the ankle clings
    With disinterest to the dancer's feet

    Mahjoor, to know what a flower is,
    Wait patiently, and hear him speak -
    He has come with a message and a symbol.



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