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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


tshaayi roodham karthas zaaye....

    Let me rock you in my arms,
    O high-born man, my sweetheart !
    Left alone by you, I waste away.

    The early morning breeze appeared
    So excited in his quest
    That flowers couldn't contain their mirth

    The Quran affirms love to be
    Man's most effulgent grace.
    That's also what the Gita says.

    You left without informing me,
    Leaving me in the wilderness,
    Like a jessamine fading away.

    Naagiray came with furtive steps
    loo Heemaal of Balapur,
    To break her pride with the storm of love.

    Ear rings under your dark curls
    Are like two babes of noble birth,
    Nursed in the arms of swarthy slaves.

    Jewels and paste are but tinsel aids
    To build up an outward show.
    Mahjoor, don't be beguiled by gilt !



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