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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


Zara Zara thovnam Zara Kotah....

    With deep-seated grief and pain in every fibre,
    I wonder when love carved its image in my heart !

    My eyes welled up with tears when I remembered
    How he sat relaxed in a boat alone,
    Leaving me tossing on the waves !

    Playing false, he robbed me of all I had -
    My heart, soul, peace and endurance, Who knows
    If he flung them to the winds
    Or put them up for sale !

    Long I strove to hide the grief that strangled me;
    But my oft-repeated fairy tale itself gave me away !

    'Can you spend you life in fire ?' he'd said.
    'That's the test of love !' What irony !
    I was destined to spend my whole life in fire !
    One who rules a garden, birds glorify in song.
    How sad that he too overblows and wastes away !

    I lay trampled down, forsaken. O grief unspeakable !
    I was like a pearl necklace pulled asunder by love.

    How would the morning breeze know
    Why the bulbul complains ? He comes early,
    And slinks away, folding up his skirt !

    Mahjoor, you do not drink, nor serve wine to others;
    But the world finds your songs more potent than wine !



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