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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


vesi vanta darda baagas aamut bahar aasya.....

    Friend, has springtime come to the garden of love,
    And is my sweetheart out enjoying love's bloom ?

    The breeze will wake up, at break of dawn,
    The sleeping flowers in all beds.
    But I wonder if the bulbul would be awake !

    Amazed at his tireless mission to stain her name
    From pole to pole, the dew-drenched masval asks the breeze
    'Could a soul like his have ever known rest ?'

    I am unburdening my heart to the rose,
    For I may never get a chance to speak
    To my love when I meet him face to face.
    How cruelly he forsook me after clipping off my wings !
    Has ever a bird been left crippled and wounded thus ?

    A new amorous passion fills his heart,
    Or malicious whispers flood his mind.
    Else, why without cause his stony stare ?

    I said: 'Stay a moment; hear me with patience !'
    He said: How long am I to listen to your endless plaints ?

    The blackbird said to the crow: 'How senseless
    This cawing ! When you see that he is drunk,
    How can his heart be awake ?'

    Mahjoor, both aul and bulbul are all ears to what you say.
    I hope the discerning understand what that implies !



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