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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


pholham tsu patime Pyaari....

    O rose, you blossomed in my life,
    When my world was young and gay,
    And caught me as a songbird in a net,
    With tumult in my heart !

    I sailed out like the Kartik moon,
    All aglow with love.
    Now my ssvan's neck is bent, O rose,
    My youth has melted away !

    A yemberzal, full of love,
    Came with brimming cups of wine -
    Her wistful downcast eyes
    Stealing a hungry look at you.

    Yearning made me delve deep
    Into all the books on love,
    And fill all chambers of my heart
    With these precious tomes.

    You failed our tryst at Yaarivan.
    And dazed and rooted
    Like a forest pine,
    Your Heemal pined for love.

    It can't be without cause
    That you're dressed in crimson robes !
    Wherefrom have you come, O rose,
    Dyed thus in human blood ?

    Thousands flock at your gate,
    Wearing fragrant blooms of spring -
    Amorous youth and pretty dolls,
    Each consumed with longing.

    The florist's eye knows each flower's worth
    It isn't deceived by colour !
    He can spot out where iris lies
    Mixed with saffron flowers.

    Fragrance in the breeze whets
    The bulbul's thirst for beauty.
    But, O rose, Mahjoor looks
    For something more in you !



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