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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


bulbul chhu baraan chaav ...

The bulbul rejoices that winter's gone,
Gay spring has come again.
The spring breeze is all a flutter, sensing
Keen expectancy in the air.
Flowers have set up beauty stalls
In the gardens of love.
See what's written on flower petals,
To know what beauty means !
The early breeze hinted to the crow:
'Don't waste your time on words !
The meaning does not matter here;
You better learn the art !'
Why should men of stature shun
The company of lesser men ?
How does a flower feel at home,
Being in the midst of thorns ?
I tried to conceal my inner self,
But it did burst-forth
Like fragrance always issues out,
Tearing the chest of the flower.
Gazing hard at all the flowers,
Mistaking each for my beloved,
I found them all silent. The bulbul said,
'Why must you raise a strife ?"
Flowers wither in autumn,
But come again in spring.
Life always returns after death;
So leave the fear of death.
When summer ends, all flowers take flight
At the sight of the autumn wind;
But you must always remember
That autumn trio does not last.
Mahjoor, there is no Kashmiri
Who has recognised you so far.
Those who will know you, except a few,
Have not yet been born.


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