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An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


vesiye aadnuk yaar kot gom......

Where has he gone, my dearest friend,
My heart's mainstay, my lord of love,
That accomplished soul, my garland of pearls ?
I moved fast, but arrived nowhere
At nightfall. The goal was far away,
And my exuberant youth was gone !
Autumn winds left me distraught,
With silent blackbirds and withered flowers.
O, where is my flowering spring ?
Chasing him, my feet were sore,
My youth in bloom was blown away.
How cruel to leave me desolate !
With a passion that gripped me, body and soul,
I got the headiest wine, drank long and deep.
But where is that fine intoxication gone ?
The faith which I avowed till now,
I now recant, with no one prompting me.
O, what happened to my wisdom at this stage ?
When Mahjoor is seen no more,
The wild rose will ask the hyacinth:

Where is that warm indulgent soul ?



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