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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


dil tambalaavaan jalva haavaan......

O spring ! you are back again
With your ravishing beauty, stirring
Fading memories, waking up
Slumbering souls, unveiling
The essence of life, teaching belles
Seductive arts, helping men cease
Grieving over grievances foregone,
Breathing life into those who are dead,
And restoring damp souls to normal shape.
A new force in the music of flutes and fountains
Amazes those roused from slumber.
Buds burst open, displaying their charms,
And the bulbuls' hearts burst with ecstasy.
Streams and waterfalls are blest
With new instruments, which they now tune
To play the music of love.
You have come with a toast to the health
Of the love-sick, dust-laden yemberzal.
It's your day, O spring ! The flowers pay
Homage to you. Your comand will be obeyed.
Seeing you, the dumb have regained their speech,
And both buds and hearts have bloomed.
You came, a bridegroom with charming grace and gait,
And torches of love blazed bright all the way.
Though above all colour, you bring so many,
And gift them to different flower beds.
Caves, mosques and temples receive your light,
And subs and sadhus your ecstasy.
Your arrival made Mahjoor's garden bloom
With your special gift of perennial flowers !


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