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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


tamanna chaani deedaruk

    Beloved, how I yearn for you
    Like the yemberzal for her bee !
    These eyes have always ached for you
    Ever since I bloomed.

    O graceful tree, all abloom
    With many a bright-hued flower !
    Wouldn't the sight of the myriad blooms
    Madden me with desire ?

    Being genteel, I stood away,
    Trying to hide love's surging waves;
    But the arrow of your glance gave me
    A wound that'll never heal !

    O my elusive sweetheart,
    How I always pine for you,
    How every fibre of my being
    Burns with the fire of love !

    You are in dalliance with others,
    While my companions are my tears.
    Since I daren't move out in daytime,
    I'll search for you at night.

    Which fortunate soul has your heart ?
    Could she be one like me ?
    Which masval holds you captive
    Out of jealousy of me ?

    O come to my gatch - plastered room,
    Where a carpet's spread for you,
    And let me weep into your bosom,
    Enfolded in your arms !

    What made you fall for other dames ?
    Which pale yellow rose
    Cunningly cast a spell on you
    To have you in her arms ?

    Paying homage to beauty, Mahjoor
    Makes this pledge to his friend:
    'It's you and you alone
    That can claim my ardent passion !



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