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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


gulshan vatan chhu sonuy.......


The bulbul sings to the flowers:
'A garden is our land !'
The hyacinth says to the violet,
'Why are you hiding thus ?
Come down from the woods to the garden !'
A garden is our land !
Like walls of white marble,
The mountain peaks enclose
A sunny space of emerald green.
A garden is our land !
The early spring has come again
And camped on mountain heights,
And tulips blow in Shalamar.
A garden is our land !
The sweet gift of spring
To fountains, rivulets, streams
And waterfalls is music.
A garden is our land !
Colourful flowers bloom
In gardens and on hill and dale,
In forests, ravines and river banks.
A garden is our land !
Blossoms are everywhere
In orchards and on hills,
And drunken sings the bulbul:
A garden is our land !
Mahjoor, our motherland
Is the loveliest on earth !
Shall we not love her best ?

A garden is our land !



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