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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


Kashmiri Bhajans

Dr. Hari Bhat
Bhajans compiled by Dr. Hari Bhat

Featured Collections

Hee Posh Lagay, Hee Mejh Bhavani Paran Peth Be Sharan Aasey
Bel Ti Madhal Shiv Shankar Shamboo
Ho Ho Kerai Shyame Sundherai Mejh Rachetam Charenan Tel
Paadhi Kamelan Tel Be Aaisey Krishen Joo Razdan's Bhajans
A list of Krishen Joo Razdan's bhajans. A presentation by Prof. Chaman Lal Sapru.
Ganesh Astuti
He who is son of the daughter of the kingdom of mountains Parvati, He who is leader of the multitude of Gods, He who is dear to Shiva, He who has one tusk, He who has a curved trunk, He who has snake around his neck as yagnopavit. 
Kashmiri Devotional Songs
External Site. Audio clips.
Govind Amrit
A Collection of Bhajans
by Swami Govind Kaul
  Govind Amrit Sagar
A Collection of Bhajans
by Swami Govind Kaul
Our Guru Dev
Swami Govind Kaul
Edited by
Somnath Pandit
A Collection of Kashmir Bhajans
by Bhawani 'Bhagyavan' Pandit
Chandra DasiChandra Dassi's Vakhs Devastuti Bhajans
Compiled by M.K. Raina


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