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Sh. J. N. KachrooThe Kashmiri Pandit community has the tradition of producing brilliant teachers.
Playwrighting in Kashmir
Moti Lal KemmuKashmir had a rich tradition of writing plays and performing them in Sanskrit from 2nd Century A.D to 12th Century A.D, side by side there were numerous Natya-Charyas professing in Natya and galaxy of scholars writing commentories on Bharata's Natya Shastra.

Jawahar WattalSome notable Kashmiri artistes who have made it all the way to the Bollywood are Bhajan Sopori, M. K. Raina, veteran actors like Anupam Kher, Jeevan, Rajkumar, Kiran Kumar, including some fresh faces like Rahul Bhat and Sanjay Suri to name a few.
Pandit Bhajan Sopori, Vijay Malla, Bharat Pandit ...
Pandit Prem Nath ShastriKashmiri Pandit Personalities
KP Socio-Cultural and Political Organizations
Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA), Satisar Foundation, Indo-American Kashmir Forum (IAKF) ...
Awards and Recognitions given to KPs who excel in various fields
Kashmir School of Painting
Veer MunshiThe earliest surviving examples of Kashmiri painting come from Gilgit which date from about 8th century A. D. Paintings discovered from Gilgit represent a highly developed style which did not appear overnight. Kashmiri craftsmen, long-famed in the North Western Indian peninsula, used to be invited to Central Asia and Tibet to decorate Buddhist monasteries.

AK Raina, Dina Nath Walli, Manohar Kaul ...
Pandit Zinda Koul 'Masterji'Kashmir, which is known as the 'paradise on earth', has been the abode of eminent scholars, savants, historians and poets, like Bilhan, Mamatachary, Anandavardhana, Gunaverman, Abhinavagupta, Jonaraja, Kalhana, etc. These luminaries had mastery over Sanskrit language.
Dr. Autar MattooEminent Scientists

Dr. M. K. TengProminent Kashmiri Pandit Writers

Sri Pratap College, CMS Biscoe School, DAV School
Personal photo albums of Registered Users
Chander M. Bhat, Vijay Chandhok, Uteesh Dhar ...
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Vignettes of Kashmir, The Northern Barrier of India, Character Building in Kashmir ...

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The Kashmiri Pandit Community
Moti Lal KemmuThe Kashmiri Pandits, the original inhabitants of the Valley of Kashmir, have a rich culture and peaceful traditions that they have managed to maintain over five thousand years of recorded history. Kashmir is known amongst the Kashmiri Pandits and other Saraswats (who fled Kashmir during periods of Islamic persecution) as Shardapeeth or the Abode of the Goddess of Learning and Fine Arts. During their five thousand years of history, they have made great contributions to world civilization in such diverse fields as religion.
Rai Bahadur Raja Amar Nath Atal

Rai Bahadur Raja Amar Nath Atal










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