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Kashmiri Pandits Protest in New Delhi on Martyrs Day !

Kashmiri Pandits Protest in New Delhi on Martyrs Day !

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Photo - Kashmiri Pandits Protest in New Delhi on Martyrs Day ! Information

Description: In the Picture Dr. Advaitavadini Kaul
Source : Tehelka May 21, 2005
Keywords: Imagined, Communities, No, government, or, political, party, has, made, a, sincere, effort, to, help, Kashmiri, Pandits, return, their, homeland, writes, Dilip, D’Souza, Anyone, in, Lajpat, Nagar, will, tell, you, where, we, are, , Shilpa, once, said., So, I, find, my, way, there, begin, asking, through, some, crowded, lanes., Do, sense, hint, of, frost, the, air?, Some, tension, this, hardware, shop, as, they, listen, what, I’m, asking?, Just, imagination?, By, time, get, going, have, forgotten., But, much, later, over, delicious, mutton, curry, it, comes, back, me., It, been, at, mind, ever, since, that, little, question., Did, hostility, after, all?, spent, evening, Krishna, Market, Pandit, camp, Delhi, home, person, calling, Shilpa., went, because, wanted, glimpse, lives, refugees, these, Kashmiris, who, were, driven, from, homes, about, 15, years, ago, by, perverted, idea, Islam., “Shilpa, knows, lot, situation, friend, told, me, “and, should, see, anyway., is, dreadful.”, ‘Dreadful’, understates, it., The, not, squalid, like, slums, are., nevertheless, and, makes, hard, history, hangs, here., History, whispers, strung, up, blankets, sarees, bricks, outside, serves, Shilpa’s, front, door, few, square, feet, she, called, for, most, her, life., With, many, others, family, , parents, two, brothers, fled, Kupwara, when, was, seven, eight, old., families, stayed, Jammu, travelled, Delhi., In, flood, settled, camps, Bapudham, Daljit, dozen, arrived, Nagar., city, administration, gave, them, marriage, hall, sits, on, fenced, ground, middle, Market., It’s, large, could, host, hundred, hungry, wedding, guests., Imagine, instead, several, growing, families., Carrying, bags, suitcases, clothes, cupboards, refrigerators, cooking, vessels, bitterness, forced, exodus, pieces, broken, lives., filled, with, all, that., partitioned, into, sections., partitions, ropes, crisscross, dividing, rectangles, feet., grew, one, surrounded, accessories, life, tucked, neatly, away, make, best, use, watching, grow, age., And, door?, At, end, stage, couples, sat, bridal, finery., That, space, rectangle, allotted, platform., From, ‘home’, can, look, out, march, across, hall;, down, neighbouring, ‘home’., Entry, via, window, now, serving, door., Here, floor, level., Seen, remains, distance, wall., Thus, piled, below, window., Climb, enter, Over, people, lived, decade-and-a-half., People, had, orchards, Kashmir., Saddest, sensed, here, speaks, suddenly., When, first, residents, welcomed, warmly., There, feeling, brotherhood, need, reach, victims, calamity., changed, not-so-silent, resentment, deprived, community, hall., regular, petitions, evict, Pandits., Hardly, anyone, them., hold, celebrations, next, playing, music, extra-loud, extra-late., On, nights, cannot, sleep., Their, complaints, lead, heated, arguments., does, small, ghetto, live, suffering, hostile, stares, muttered, comments, occasional, sleepless, loud, angry, night., Nobody, no, any, serious, security, dignity., Now, very, 1990, turned, What’s, left?, A, day, stepping, am, Srinagar., If, near, approach, heart, Kashmir, dread;, solid, knot, fear, days, bring., Yet, choice., elections, on., Aware, how, farcical, past, group, decided, monitor, can., means, sending, volunteers, country, polling, booths., They, collect, data, voting, be, alert, signs, violence, coercion, sort, thing., Several, teams, April, 20, cover, phase., One, roamed, Baramulla, district, hours, morning., Then, disaster., Sumo, something, road., exploded., left, bruised, backs, shoulders;, broke, young, man’s, leg;, killed, Ghulam, Nabi, Shaikh, driver;, also, 29-year-old, Aasia, Jeelani, writer, activist., An, unimaginable, catastrophe., arrive, join, monitoring, second, phase, difficult, thing, tragedy, but, normal, stuff., beautiful, land, armed, men, everywhere, barbed, wire, bunkers, burst, happen, anywhere, speak, easily, all., every, then, die., Terrorist, attacks, army, firing, bomb, blasts, phrases, inured, reading, embody, simple, truth:, die, it’s, normal., edited, Voices, Unheard, quarterly, newsletter, Women’s, Initiative, Peace, Disarmament., an, article, October-December, 2003, issue, (Dardpora, Village, Pain, Misery), wrote:, “The, village, witnessed, innumerable, deaths, youth, ..., 122, widows, almost, 300, orphans., Most, militants, shot, dead, encounters, died, due, internal, rivalry, within, militant, groups, Al-Barq, Hizbul, Mujahideen., Dardpora, brought, only, dard, miseries, (its, residents’), lives…”, Reading, knowing, happened, wrote, puts, stomach., After, head, jeep, go, booth, collecting, data., did., How, do, avoid, thinking, even, sorrow, might, me?, really, choice, have?, want, understand, stuff, well, now., Normal, is., Let’s, go., For, weeks, trip, nagged, Something, connected, thoughts, Srinagar, finally, understood., both, places, take., emblems, Indians, wrong, politics, policies, secularism, nationhood., What, turns, concern, brutalised, hostility?, become, unusual, again?, nationhood, caught, everyday, things., Barbed, wires, blown, colleagues, yes., hung, ropes., scholar, Fellow, wiscomp, 2004-05, May, 21, 2005
Date: 15.05.2005 09:54
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