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Swami Anand Ji Maharaj

Swami Anand Ji Maharaj

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Photo - Swami Anand Ji Maharaj Information

Description: Swami Anand Ji Maharaj of Villagam

- J. L. Nehru

Koshur Samachar

SWAMI Anand Ji Maharaj has proved to be a magnificent guru among the gurus as defined in Kularnava Tantra.

"Many are the Gurus who are proficient to the utmost in Vedas and Shastras; but rare is the Guru who has attained to the Supreme Truth; many are the Gurus on earth who give what is other than self; but rare is the Guru who brings to light the Atman; and rare is the Guru who removes the disciple's afflictions. Again rare is the Guru who is devoid of all volition to find. He is the Guru by whose very contact there flows the Supreme."

Paying obeisance to God Ganesh and to my esteemed Guru Swami Anand Ji Maharaj. I have mustered courage in a difficult situation to portrait a small fraction of His life and work after seeking permission of Pt. Shamboo Nath Dhar, Gund Gushi Distt Kupwara Swami Ji's blessed disciple presently putting up at Jammu after migration. The permission was necessarily to be sought as Swami Ji had never allowed any publicity. He was not a believer of ostentatious popularity. His disciples offer prayers in a small "Ashram" in Janunu and perform daily Puja. He would advise his disciples to elude anger, arrogance and wicked persons. Although the living generations happen to know Him in perfect Guru "Swaroop" but to keep him living in the hearts of the generations to come which He is always; indepth desire was felt to portrait some aspects of this great saint Swami Ji was called with affection Bab Sahib. The life of Bab Sahib as wide and deep as the infinite ocean in which we can dive deep so as to take precious gems of Bhakti. The stories are wonderful and give peace and happiness to those who are afflicted with distress and heavy miseries of this material world. His teachings and His divine facial impression shall remain carved ever in our hearts. Although physically weak but always with a smiling and divine radiant face Bab Sahib was always calm, serene and throughout unostentatious. He was always free from anger, and very soft-spoken. Almost all people who came into touch with Bab Sahib got deeply influenced by his spiritual attainments.

Early Life

Bab Sahib's birth anniversary falls on - Asun Krishan Paksha Dwadashi and death anniversary on Saptami of Ashad Shukla Paksh. Bab Sahib's father Pt. Raghav Ram Bhat, literate in Persian and Urdu originated from Vaskura Sumbal, Kashmir and had migrated later to Villagam, Distt Handwara, Kashmir in search of his livelihood where he started his career as a teacher. He got married to Pt. Savram's daughter who was graced by Deity Nandkishore of Sumbal Asthapan. Deity Nandkishore came in dream to Pt. Raghav Ram which turned true. The Deity directed that He would come to Villagam to avoid their frequent coming to Sumbal Holy place. Pt. Raghav Ram Bhat had six sons and two daughters. Bab Sahib was his fourth child and remained a bachelor. Bah Sahib's mother would draw her hair open and get into ecstacy number of times obviously the Deity entering her belly. She would thus speak differently. Deity Nandkishore appeared on the willow tree branch in Villagam situated on the river lank. It was "Chetra" Purnima idols of Deity Nandkishore and Shivlingam were installed. A Yagna was performed on this day. Bab Sahib constructed a temple there and after a few days a spring oozed to everybody's surprise. This spring has green waters. Bab Sahib started performing annual yagna thereafter.

Shifting to Srinagar (Kashmir)

The exact year is not known when Bab Sahib came to Srinagar with the aim of seeking employent and got engaged in Pt. Dina Nath Dullu's house at Karan Nagar, Srinagar. Pt. Dina Nath Dullu was working in the forest department. Years passed by. Bab Sahib had dedicated himself to spiritual activity not known to anyone in the house though being so close to everyone. He had been travelling on wooden Khadaon (Kashmiri wooden sleeper) in the mid-night to "Vichar Naag" nearly 10 kms. away for twelve long years and would be seen in his room in the early morning hours before dawn. Once Pt. Dullu Sahib felt thirsty in the midnight and requested his wife to bring water from kitchen. As the right time had approached now Mrs. Dullu while drawing near to the kitchen where Swami Ji's room fell on the other side got horrified to find that violent fire had engulfed Bab Sahib's room. Immediately crying tor help she went to her husband's room and her husband got up quickly and rushed towards Swanni Ji's room. He found to his surprise an immense dazzling divine light in Swami Ji's room. Next morning in the early hours Pt. Dullu Sahib fell on the feet of Bab Sahib and made obeisance. Bab Sahib to avert the exposure of the truth accused Mr. Dullu that he had perhaps fallen prey to some evil spirit which had made him to speak irrelevant. He asked Mr. Dullu that he should approach some learned Brahmin who would treat him by reciting some Mantra. How could Pt. Dullu believe it who had to his amazement seen divine radiant light. Bab Sahib's divinity got spread in the family circles and around.

Bab Sahib performed Yagna at Vichar Naag and invited Dullu's family as well. Dullu's family came to know that day that Bab Sahib had been going to Vichar Naag for twelve long years which was kept secret.

Pt. Shamboo Nath's Contact

Pt. Shamboo Nath Ji Gushi, Kupwara, Bab Sahib's close disciple came into his contact in the year 1957. Pt. Shamboo Nath working as Senior Laboratory Assistant in the A.S. College, Srinagar attached to Prof. Kilam was residing with him in the "Stone House" at Karan Nagar. He had lost his wife sometime back and he would normally weep bitterly also start playing with iron "chimta" to the extent that once Prof. Kilam's daughter had terned him as a partly insane man. In fact Pt. Shamboo Nath Ji was in search of Guru to lead him to the path of spirituality. Once walking through Char Chinarnear the National High School building in Karan Nagar, we saw to his surprise an idol of Lord Vishnu seated on the window of the Bab Sahib's room. When Pt. Shamboo Nath went towards Dullu's house and entered Bab Sahib's roong he did not find any such idol there. Pt. Shamboo Nath fell on the feet of Bab Sahib and wept bitterly. He asked him whether he would like to remarry to which he replied in negative. Bab Sahib advised him to have some daily rituals and recite some Mantras.

Shifting to Khir Bhawani

Bab Sahib nearly spent 4.0 years in Dullu's family including 10 to 12 years after the spiritual exposure. He then shifted to Khir Bhawani an exotic holy place nearly 25 kms. from Srinagar in the year 1967. There he started putting up in the first floor of Shri Gwash Ram's small house, rather a shopping complex type facing the Goddess "Raginya" and the spring temple. On every Ashtami and Purnima Bab Sahib would perform Puja on a grand scale with various offerings in the Holy Spring like Milk, Flowers and Kheer etc. Many of his disciples have observed that at the time of offerings an image of "Devi Chakra" would get formed and start swinging obviously Devi's blessings. A good number of pilgrims and other people who would throng the Khir Bhawani Shrine would have meals at the Bab Sahib's abode. This "NAVEED" would give bliss the Bakhtas.

Miracles and Telepathic Powers

Death of Elder Brother Shri Parmanand Ji

Once a message got spread that Bab Sahib's oldest brother Shri Parmanand had expired hut miraculously had revived to life as a surpnse. When Pt. Parmanand Ji regained consciousness he started speaking in a different language not understood by common people and would never stop. Bab Sahib although being younger to his brother, reprimanded him to put a halt to these mutterings. However, Pt. Parmanand narrated that when his astral body was taken to Lord Yama's abode, he found Bab Sahib as well sitting in one of the judgement seats with bowing head apart from "Chitra Gupta". Pt. Parmanand Ji made a sort of complaint about his younger brother that He behaved in a manner as if He had no relation whatsoever with him. Bab Sahib reacted and uttered that only good "Karmas" are viewed and not the relations there.

Rescuing Aeroplane Piloted by Rajiv Gandhi

Prof. Kilam Sahib's wife was travelling in an aeroplane from Srinagar to Jammu piloted by Late Rajiv Gandhi. All of a sudden some technical snag obstructed the aeroplane and the situation had come to obvious crashing. Bab Sahib appeared in the aeroplane and sat adjacent to Mrs. Kilam's seat, the technical snag miraculously got rectified and the aeroplane had safe landing at Jammu. The crew later came to know as late Rajiv Gandhi had observed that the aeroplane got saved from crashing because of this lady virtually due to the blessings of Swami Ji. Swami Ji was nowhere seen at Jammu in the aeroplane. Here in Srinagar He had asked repeatedly to the C.I.D. Commissioner one of the disciples to enquire whether Mrs. Kilam had safe landing at Jammu. Some days later Prof. Sahib got a letter from his wife narrating the whole incident and the miraculous saving of the aeroplane.

It was in December, 1970, when one of the close devotees who was putting up as a tenant in my house at Habba Kadal in Srinagar narrated some facets of Bab Sahib's miracles, divine elevation rued spiritual vibrations. I was totally moved as if some inner telepathy started working on me instantly. I became virtually restless to see this spiritual face. Bab Sahib was this time putting up in Tulla Mulla. It was a wintry day but happened to be not too cold. As I entered the hut of the shopkeeper Shri Gwash Ram Ji, I was told that Bab Sahib was on the 1st floor. I entered the room and found him seated in a corner facing Goddess Ragniya's Spring. I paid obeisance and he kept his benevolent hand on my head and blessed me. I got immediately emotional. He of His own said whether I came from Habba Kadal. He untied the knot of one hancikerchief and blessed me again by applying a little "Vibhuti" on my forehead and gave me "Naveed" for my family and my parents. The objective in my mind for which I had gone to Bab Sahib got fulfilled to my surprise.

Endless Naveed

One devotee narrated that on one occasion, after offering the last "Ahuti" in Yagna, "Khir" naveed prepared in one brass pot (Deegcha) began to be distributed among hundreds of devotees who had come to attend the Yagna. No one could assess how the small quantity just prepared in one "Deegcha" didn't finish even after having been distributed among hundreds of devotees. Bab Sahib enquired whether all had taken this "Khir Naveed" and the lady distributing it said only one person was yet to take it. Naveed was as such kept in a small Taku (small earthen plate) and the Deegcha got emptied.

I have myself witnessed Bab Sahib after coming out of Samadhi while in Khir Bhawani, having expressed the vivid presence of the Goddess Ragniya. Bab Sahib while blessing all his devotees would always utter let Almighty bloom fortune.

In October, 1973, my father took seriously ill and I went immediately to seek my Guru's blessings to know the state my father was going to face and whether he would come out of the trauma. On reaching Khir Bhawani, I was asked by Bab Sahib to perform Puja first in the temple. During Puja, the Dhoop and Diya partly extinguished and I did not take it as a bad omen. When I reached Bab Sahib's room again and with Namaskar prostrated myself under his feet, He, in the first impression, asked what did the Goddess convey and immediately diverted my attention so that my morale does not breaks. My father expired after some days thereafter, which was a clear indication ot Bab Sahib's Divine attainment.

In mid-1996 Bah Sahib came to me in dream twice when I was in extreme trauma due to the ailment of my wife. He untied the knot of his handkerchief and gave me Naveed. He had a divine smile on his face. The doctors had given maximum survival period of three months to my wife but that she survived for seventeen months was a miracle. Prior to her expiry in August'97, He came again and this time He showed the sign of her end which also came true. It is, therefore, evident that Bab Sahib is keeping an eye over the troubles of his devotees.

Last Darshan

It was year 1983 Swami Ji tell indisposed and had developed kidney trouble. The disciples called Dr. Radha Krishna Kachroo to Kilam's house at Shivpora but He was later shifted to Dr. Peshin's Hospital at Karan Nagar in Srinagar. Dr. Peshin had observed the failure of kidney and had tried his best. Normally Bab Sahib's condition never appeared grim even to suspect something serious. He had a smile on His face and appeared in usual trim condition. At around 3.50 p.m. on 17th July, 1983, He left mortal body. He was shifted to Shivalaya Temple premises in Karan Nagar, Srinagar where thousands of devotees had thronged after hearing the news of His attaining Moksha on A.I.R. Kashmir station. The last rites were performed with full Shraddha. When the pyre was lit, single Jyoti rose high to the sky like a shooting star. There was a little drizzling as well thus having been accepted by Heavenly Spiritual Power. In Shivalaya where thousands of devotees were reciting Bhajans, "Brahma Vidhya" was recited by one person whereas five sounds vibrated concurrently to everybody's surprise.

Immersion of Ashes

Before leaving mortal body Bab Sahib had desired a week earlier that He would like to sit under cool breeze of Chinar Tree in specific referring to the place Gushi Kupwara or Khir Bhawani. When preparations were made to take the Ashes to Sangam at Shadipur Sangam for immersion, the vehicle in which these were being carried somehow mystically led the driver to divert towards Khir Bhawani road instead of Shadipur Sangam direct. Here Pt. Shamboo Nath Ji got reminded of Bab Sahib's desire to have a cool breeze under a Chinar Tree. The disciples decided to immerse some ashes in the Khir Bhawau1i Sangam River. The team after immersing some ashes here fell far Shadipur Sangam and immersed the ashes there. Surprisingly again after immersion Devi Chakra got formed on the Sangam waters.
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