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Gor Trai Card - 2012

Gor Trai Card - 2012

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Photo - Gor Trai Card - 2012 Information

Description: This year the said card is bearing a picture of mother Sharda with three heads. It is written in the Sharda mahatamya that a great muni known as Shandalya born in a low-caste family had acquired great knowledge of vedas and tantras. He wanted to be initiated in the Brahmanhood by way of the Yagnopavit ceremony. Accordingly, he visited all the cultural centers of India for that initiation, but everywhere he was ridiculed and was shown inability in initiating one not born in brahman family. Finally he was advised that only the brahmans of Kashmir are capable of this initiation. Muni Shandalya took a long journey to Kashmir and reached present Martand Tirtha. There lived a Brahman known as Vijay Pandit. He initiated muni Shandalya by way of giving him the seed mantra of Goddess Sharda. From here muni Shandalya started a great tapasya of the goddess, who came in his dream at present village Gushi in Kupwara and told him that he may start pilgrimage towards the sharda Peeth (now in POK) and that She will bestow him with Her grand form. Muni Shandalya after reaching the hill top near the Krishna ganga river was requested by his ancestors that since they too belonged to low castes, so they too shall be offered the water as per the ritual of learned Brahmans. Muni Shandalya then took a bath in the Krishna ganga river and it is said that as soon as he took a dip in the waters his half body turned into golden colour. His whole body started glowing. At present the said spot around the river is known as Soune Drang (area of gold). Even now people throng around in search of the gold there. After taking the bath muni Shandalya took some water of the Krishna Ganga on his palm and reached near the Amrit Kund of Goddess with a hope that he will offer the water there, but the water which he was holding on the palm turned into Honey (thus started the name of Stream Madumati, which joins the Krishna ganga river around the spot. There Goddess Sharda bestowed muni Shandalya with Her full form with three faces (Tripura Chaturthi is the day of Birth day of Saraswati). He was initiated in Brahmanhood by the Mother Sharda by way of the Sacred thread (Yagnopavit). From ancient times the day of Gouri trutiya is known for the Certification day and the next day is known as Shuk/Tripura Chaturthi. (Shuk means Parrrot –recall the kashmiri proverb Totus hyu bolaan). Because of the night birth of Mata Sharda we celebrate the day on 4th instead of Panchami as celebrated in some parts of India. There is no such parallel story of caste-free concept as are practiced by Kashmiri brahmans.

Kamlesh Tufchi, Satisar Foundastion
January 26, 2012
Date: 28.01.2012 22:12
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