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Panun Kashmir Nishai Wachkhai

Panun Kashmir Nishai Wachkhai

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Photo - Panun Kashmir Nishai Wachkhai Information

Description: Kashmiri Pandit lady in a traditional attire, playing on Tumbaknaer and the Nout an earthen pitcher in the backdrop. A sketch by Dr.Kuldeep Kaul
of Delhi Univ
ersity. DL

"Batany playing on Tumbaknaer” the credit goes to my dearest friend Dr. Kuldeep Kaul who has actually drawn these sketches in 1993 and before sending it to several friends I filled the same with some colours, yes we are grateful to each and every member there who have liked our creation. I had a feeling that I have expressed while looking at this picture that of going back to Kashmir with each and every Kashmiri Pandit so wrote "Chandan nishai wariv nishai Panun Kashmir nishai waachkhai"

This is for each and every Kashmiri to know about our rare and rich traditions and whatsoever means we get we must express all that is inspiring, thought provoking and the rare appearance that unites our people who have to live at one place in the days to come in the similar fashion Abhinav Gupta, Anandvardhanacharya, Kalhan and all those who have won laurels for Kashmir in abundance. We have to save our valuable traditions our only tresure that have inspired all of us to be like what we are today.

Recently I experienced while composing music for a TV serial "Jannat Ki Betiyan" that how brave our women flok was who dared to defeat even death. These ladies were wise, brave and had tremendous leadership qualities. Kujmaal, Lalded, Habakhotoon, Sugandha Devi and Hafeeza Mariyam. There are mentions in the history how these daughters of Kashmir have sacrificed thier lives and set examples for the generations to come. Least Kashmiries are aware of such rare happenings how Kujamaal sacrificed herself after her husband great Birbal Dhar left her. She is shown in the serial cursing the then cruel Pathan Governor for his atrocities. Has such examplary courage been seen amongst Kashmiri men or women today? We have created cowards and DALBADLUS instead. We create a group today and after each succesive year it becomes 1,2,3,4,5 and so on in terms of what I mean to say!
Sughanda Devi the daughter in law of Great Kashmiri King Awantivarman brought her husbands dead body back from the battle filed without leacking about his death. The dead body was tied in such a way that he was looking like a live King returning back to his territoriy and the same lady managed to rule for many many years till she could manage. She had a terrific presence of mind which is not seen normally in women folk. She dealt with most powerful men of her time in Kashmir and till her last breath never accepted defeat.
Lot has been said about Lalded but least knew about Hafeeza Maryam who was trusted to teach mughal emperor Aurengzebs daughter for which she was contacted and the King himself came to Kashmir and handed over his daughter to this great Kashmiri lady a great teacher.
Habba Khatoon's story too reveal how ignorant man used to torture women in Kashmir. Zoon as she was known by this name too was depicted as a great poet lady. Overall the history of Kashmir have lots of mentions of brave and scholorly ladies who have from time to time created history by performing most responsible role in the social and political life of Kashmir.
So in our traditional songs like in Chandan nishai wariv nishai which I strongly belive is the creation of Kashmiri women while waiting for the bride to come to the bridegrooms home. In wait these ladies sing this with all enthusiam and JOSH and celebrate the coming of the most dearest bride. These words are actually addressed to the bride who is new to that house so making the first arrival a celebration all women gather at one place and express thier love and desparation of brides arrival. We use to see ladies singing these songs during marriages. Even today also in few families these songs are still in practice.
For us now it is most important that a new marriage has taken place where the Batany is seen singing for all of us to reach Kashmir back not for the reason we are new to Kashmir but for the reason that words must vibrate in our ears always and make all of us remember that we have the only mission that of returning Kashmir as we dream for ourselves. Yes these majical words will work for our unity always which are heard since past so many centuries. Let us all remember these lines musically as well as poetically.
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A portrait of Kashmiri lady
A great job. Look forward for the new arrivals from you.
29.07.2004 05:15 Offline ashish.bhat ashish.bhat at netster.com