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Symbol of Unity


The Martyrdom of Pandit Tikkalal

Sir, did you hear,
Tikkalal is dead.
Tikkalal Tapiloo, sir,
the Jan Sangh fellow,
the Pandit leader,
the petty pleader.

Yes sir,
he has been shot
like a dog
right near his house
while on his way
to the law courts.

But why
do you turn pale, sir,
at the death
of one Tikkalal
when day after day
scores of Mujahid youth
are gunned down
in their noble pursuit
for Nizame Mustafa.

You need not panic, sir,
nor fear the revolution,
for it is decreed
that all Pandits will be safe
as long as they pay heed
and do not dare or dream
to work against the ‘cause’
but quietly join the mainstream.

Don’t you think, sir,
that a good-for-nothing fellow
like that braggart Tapiloo,
had to pay the price,
sooner or later,
for opening his mouth
rather wide.

After all, sir,
he was nothing more
than a self-proclaimed rhetor
of the RSS gospel
and I wonder
if Pandits ever
acknowledge a leader
or honour a pal
least so Tikkalal,
the funny old Tikkalal.

Srinagar - 13 September 1989



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