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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity



O! Teg Bahadur,
preceptor, guru, guide,
saviour of our ancestors,
we offer our obeisance
in everlasting gratitude
for your deed sublime.

Even angels are jealous
of your sacrifice supreme,
not for your own kin or community
nor region nor religion
but for a tyrannised people
of faraway climes
who sought your help.

O compassionate one,
true crusader of rights,
in an unprecedented act of courage
you laid down your life to salvage 
our oppressed ancestors
from persecution and conversion,
from flight and extinction.

O immortal soul,
worship-worthy Teg,
we crave your reincarnation
as Aurangzeb surfaces yet again
in so many forms, at so many places
in our sacred land
with appetite whetted evermore
by the blood of Tapiloo, Premi, Prana
Ganjoo, Lassa Kaul, Raina
and hundreds of innocent souls.

O blessed spirit
reverend guru,
we seek your intercession once again,
for deliverance
from the deadly triumvirate
of armed insurgents,
scheming bureaucrats and
conniving politicians-
perpetrators of crimes
against our race.

Jammu - March 1995



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