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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


It is Now

You ask me to wait
till the evening for my prayer,
now that the morn is over,
the temple door shut,
the echo of bells far away,
and urgent the call of the day.

I would wait
till the evening and beyond,
for my whole life,
if only I could break
this journey into the unknown.
For while I move on
I may not traverse this path again
and feel ever sorry
that your audience was denied
to an itinerant votary.

I could wait, no doubt,
till the evening and beyond,
into eternity,
if I knew the spontaneity,
the ardour and urgency
of my devotion, as of now,
would remain unabated.

The intensity of a flower
unfolding itself from its bud
will not stay the same
a moment later.
It is a moment which is now,
one moment that captures
the essence of my being
as I come to offer it.

Open thine portals,
accept me as I am,
There is no recompense
for unrequited love.

Jammu - October 1998



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