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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


Proxy Prayer

When you were so near
I hardly ever
bothered to step out and enter
your majestic realm
for a prayer;
nor did I care ever
to let the breeze inside my home
that breathed of you in full gear;
nor once bother
my eyes to peer at you, my dear
when you were manifest,
benevolent at your best.
I was immersed all through
in my own care and cheer
as far from you
as you were near.

when I am banished from there
and out of bounds from anywhere,
there is a great upsurge
inside me, everywhere,
a craving to merge with you
and be near.

Till you call me back
to your altar,
I seek you my lord
through a proxy prayer
by an erstwhile friend, a worthy seer,
who, when he returns to his lair
in the city of Srinagar,
will pay you homage and my prayer,
which please accept,
my forgiving lord, my dearest dear.

Jammu - 6 February 1996



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