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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


Emergency Council

Legal Document No 117

  1. The Hon'ble Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, Head of Emergency Administration.
  2. The Hon'ble Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad, Deputy Head of Administration.
  3. The Hon'ble Mirza Mohd. Afzal Beg, Emergency Officer, Anantnag District.
  4. The Hon'ble G.M. Sadiq, Emergency Officer, Internal Security, Home Guards, Cultural Front.
  5. The Hon'ble Sham Lal Saraf, Emergency Officer, Trader and Supplies.
  6. The Hon'ble Girdhari Lal Dogra, Emergency Officer, Kathua.
  7. The Hon'ble Sardar Budh Singh, Emergency Officer,(Goodwill Mission to Jammu).
  8. The Hon'ble Pt. Jia Lal Kilam, Emergency Officer, Food.
  9. Maulana Mohd. Syed, Emergency Officer, Publicity.
  10. Kh Gu]am Moni-ud-din, Emergency Officer, Communications.
  11. Kh. Abdul Ahad, Emergeney Officer. (Firewood, Fuel).
  12. Soofi Mohd. Akbar, Emergency Officer, Baramulla.
  13. Peer Mohd. Maqbool, Emergency Officer, Muzaffarabad.
  14. Pt. Kashapa Bandhu, Emergency Officer, Refugees & Rehabilitation.
  15. Mr. Mohi-ud-Din Hamdani, Emergency Officer, Peace Brigade.
  16. Mr. D.P. Dhar, Secretary, Internal Security & Law and Order.
  17. Mr. J.N. Zutshi, Private Secretary to the Head of Administration and Secretary to the Emergency Council.
  18. Kh. Ahsan Ullah, Emergency Officer, Transport.
  19. Mr. Mohd. Amin, Emergency Officer, Banihal.
  20. Col. Ram Lal, Emergency Officer, Home Guards.
  21. Col. Baldev Singh Pathania, Chief Emergency Officer, Jammu.
  22. Col. Adalat Khan, Chief Administrative Officer, Bhadarwah.
  23. Col. Baldev Singh Samval, Emergency Officer, Border Scouts, Jammu.
Historical Documents
World Kashmiri Pandit Conference 1993 Panun Kashmir
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