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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


Statement of Maharaja Hari Singh, Round Table

Legal Document No 47

"Allied by treaty with the British Crown and within our territories, independent rulers, we have come with a full sense of responsibilities to our State and all India. As the allies of British we stand solidly by the British connection. As Indians and loyal to the land of our birth, we stand as solidly as the rest of our countrymen for our land's enjoyment of a position of honour and equality in the British Commonwealth. Our desire to cooperate to the best of our ability with all sections of the Conference is genuine, as also is our determination to base our cooperation upon the realities of the present situation.

Neither England nor India can afford to see this conference end in failure. We must resolve to succeed. Difficulties shall not be insuperable. We must exercise patience, tact and forbearance and be inspired by mutual understanding and goodwill and we must give and take. The task is gigantic. In case of no people would such an aim as ours be easy to accomplish. In case of India, complexity of factors is unique but by the grace of God and with good will and sympathy on both sides difficulties shall be surmounted and with the words of the King Emperor still ringing in our ears, we Princes affirm that the Conference shall not fail "through any fault of ours."

Historical Documents
World Kashmiri Pandit Conference 1993 Panun Kashmir
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