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Jawahar Lal Bhat

J.L. Bhat
J. L. Bhat

Born at Peth-Makhama, Magam, (Kashmir) in the year 1946; passed M.A. in English Literature from Kashmir University in 1972; worked a long tenure in J&K Government Education Department as an English Lecturer. Had an exclusive taste for teaching English Literature and Language improvement; left Kashmir in January 1990 along with fleeing Pandits and retired from Government Service in 2004; currently settled in Faridabad, Haryana (India).


Authored six books on English Language improvement and one on Personality Development - (Kumar Publications, Rajender Place, New Delhi). Below are the most popular ones:

  • Choicest Essays - for IAS, IPS and other competitive exams

  • A New Approach to Modern Grammar and Practice

  • A Dictionary of English Usage

  • English Phrases and Idiomatic Expressions

  • Essentials of Personality Development


Got interested mainly into writing on KP displacement imbroglio. Following articles published in various issues of ‘Koshur Samachar, New Delhi’ are worth a mention:

  • Lalleshuri--a brief study – June 2008

  • Paradise can be regained - October 2007

  • Sant Swami Nand Lal Ji Maharaj - June 2006

  • What Ails Our Youth? - August 2005

  • Alliances Outside Community - October 2004

  • Slipping Paradise - November 2001

  • Hindu Kashmir sans Pandits - December 2000

  • We and our Cultural Heritage - September 2000

  • SEDBUB -- a biographical sketch - (‘Har-van’ an online magazine)


B-3 Ashiana Apartments, Sector-46, Faridabad, Haryana (India)

Phone: +91-129-4096114, Email:

Weblog: Kashmir Warbling -

Featured Collections

Yogiraj Swami Nand Lal Ji Maharaj
YOGRAJ SWAMI NANDLAL JI was born in GURGARI MOHALLA, ZAINA KADAL (Srinagar) into a prosperous KOUL family nicknamed as KOTHDARS. His grandfather PANDIT SEHZA KAUL had two sons RAM KAUL and HARA KAUL. Swami Ji was son of PANDIT HARA KAUL born on an auspicious day,   >>>
Seb Bub
The original name of SEDBUB was SHRI VEDLAL BHAT and he belonged to village HANJIVEIRA, TEHSIL PATTAN, KASHMIR, where he was born to his parents SH. VESHN BHAT and SMT. YEMBERZAL on an auspicious day JESHTHA SHUKLA PAKHSH NAUMI around year 1902.  >>>
Lalleshuri (LAL DED) of Kashmir has invited attention of a number of scholars throughout the world. Her poetic compositions or VAAKHS as they are popularly called are the extempore outpourings of a highly awakened YOGINI and exhibit high quality poetry with a deep philosophical content.  >>>

Lalleshuri --- On Pranayama

Pranayama is the control or regulation of `Prana' (breath). All the functions of our body are directly or indirectly related to Prana. It has been compared to and given the status of Brahma (the creator and the supreme being) from which this entire universe has emerged. >>>

Hindu Kashmir Sans Pandits

After her revelation out of a vast sheet of water, SATISAR, thousands of years before, the valley of Kashmir turned to be a choicest spot for unknown long periods of time for RISHIS and MUNIS throughout the world for meditation, TAPASYA and acquiring exclusive spiritual powers in its cool a serene atmosphere.  >>>

Slipping Paradise

A matter for concern is the latest trend of displaced Pandits selling their properties including their residential houses in Kashmir. No doubt, they need money to get settled immediately wherever they are as the prospects of our return are getting bleaker day by day but it essentially invites for every one of us some introspection to consider its consequences and the aftermath.  >>>

What Ails Our Youth?

That our youth are displaying admirable qualities of head and hand in every field, wherever they are, is a matter for great pride. Their sprinkling presence on the highest positions of the corporate world throughout the globe is not a small achievement and definitely an occasion to rejoice.  >>>

Paradise Can Be Regained

The dream of return to our lost paradise (Kashmir) is not going to fulfill in near future is a proved reality beyond doubt. All efforts made in this direction have proved a failure but the craving is getting intense day by day.  The sweet fragrance of Kashmir is kicking and the need of the hour is to devise ways and means that get us to the jackpot.  >>>

Of Indian Faith and Godliness

For ages religion and spirituality has been a number one priority for common Indian and it continues to be so. There is nothing that can distract the masses of this land from this influence. India continues to be a staunch believer of Hindu faith in spite of lots of negative inputs provided by modern westernized life standards and culture. >>>

Alliances Outside Community

Another unfortunate development that has put the KP community on crossroads in the post-migration period is the alliances of our youth outside community. It is no secret that the new trend is working overtime in cutting the roots of our cherished cultural heritage.   >>>

Yogiraj Swami Nand Lal Ji, A biographical study  


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