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Kargil at a Glance

May 12: Daily Excelsior reports intrusion of 200 Pakistani militants.

May 13: Army confirms death of 17 Indian soldiers and 10 Pak militants.

May 14: Shelling continues as Defence Minister visits Ladakh and asks people not to worry on Kargil issue.

May 16: While satellite pictures confirm intrusion of 300 ultras, Defence Minister says that infiltrators will be pushed back in 48 hrs.

May 18: Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah visits Kargil, Drass to review situation as government claims to have evicted mercenaries from 5 positions in Kargil. Meanwhile, Teherk-e-Jihad-Islami (TJI) confirms death of its 70 members in Kargil.

May 21: Prime Minister asserts to prevent Pak sponsored infiltration.

May 25: Vajpayee asks Sharief that India won’t allow infiltration in Kargil and does not rule out air strikes as army claims death of the infilitrators.

May 26: India launches air strikes in Kargil sector as UN, UK, US and China appeal for exercising restraint.

May 27: Vajpayee briefs president as tension hightenes in wake of Pak gunning down MIG-21 May 28: IAF chopper shot down by Pak infilitators killing 4 personel while Vajpayee-Sharief hold talks.

May 29: GoC-in-C Northern Command Lt Gen HM Khanna, describes Kargil situation near war like and confirms support of Taliban to intruders as troops are put on high alert as Pak army moves close to the borders. Vapayee rejects Sharief’s appeal to stop air raids as recovery of identity card confirms presence of Pak army regulars.

May 30:  PM rejects UN offer to depute envoy to India as air strikes continue. Sqd. Leader Ajay Ahuja, who was reportedly killed by Pak army after capturing him alive was cremated.

May 31:  India accepts deputation of Pak foreign minister as India presses into service Mirag-2000 in Kargil operations.

June 1: George offers safe passage to infiltrators as intense fighting continues.

June 2: Vajpayee rules out full scale war with Pakistan as government asks intruders to voluntarily move back. Hong-Kong based weekly confirms that Pak PM was in full knowledge of Kargil intrusions.

June 3: Govt back tracks from safe passage as Flt. Lt. Nachiketa is released by Pak authorities amidst high drama.

June 4: Clinton asks Pak to respect LoC as India rejects Pak claim on LoC demarcation while fighting continues.

June 5: President KR Narayanan first time reacts to Pak stupidity and says that Pak is hoodwinking the world on question of LoC. India gets proof of Pak army participation as it recovered 3 bodies of Pak army personnel and documents confirming its participation.

June 6: Indian army hands over bodies of 3 jawans to Pak as air strikes resume after a days gap.

June 9: Pak  hands over 6 bodies of army personnel including Lt. Kalia to Indian authorities. The army personnel were tortured to death after capturing them alive.

June 12: Aziz-Jaswant talks fail as Aziz struck to its stand on LoC demarcation and his any assurance fails short of calling back intruders.

June 13: Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee visits Kargil addresses army and civilians and Pak continues shelling and targets DCoffice complex, the venue of Prime Ministers meeting with civilians which was already changed by authorities. Sharief again phones Vajpayee requesting stopping of air strikes.

June 14: Prime Minister Vajpayee makes it clear that operation Vijay will not stop till last intruder is pushed back as India recpatures 2 key postions in Kargil. Fernandes asks infiltrators either surrender or get killed.

June 15: Clinton asks Sharief to vacate Kargil sector and praises Vajpayee for demonstrating restraint.

June 16: India appreciates US stand  on Kargil as army is set to gain control  of strategic Marpola post. Pakistan deflected US President call to withdraw intrusion as Aziz says it did not hold command on infiltrators.

June 17: Indian troops kill 15 Pak army men, recover i-cards, pay books as major assault is launched to recapture Tiger hills. Army Chief visits Jammu and reviews situation.

June 18: Indian troops hit a Pak camp near LoC in PoK which was coordinating infiltrator’s operations in Kargil. India declares that it holds right to target any base in PoK helping intruders. Mr Vajpayee writes to Clinton on Kargil situation.

June 20: India achieves a major diplomatic victory as G-8 leaders condemn Pakistan for violation of LoC. Vajpayee rules out any talks with Pak untill intruders are evicted. Indian troops achieve yet another major success as they recapture “Point 5140” and clear Tololing ridge.

June 21: The Indian government strongly criticised Nawaz Sharief’s remarks of “Kargil like fronts” and said that they will be waiting blody nose. Army was closing on Tiger hills and other 2 strategic points as Indian forces kill 22 intruders. German demonishes Pak for its direct involvement in Kargil intrusion.

June 22: Indian forces smashed an intruders’ logistic camps in Muntho Dalo and killed 5 army men. UK supported Indian stand on Kargil as Blair asks Nawaz Sharief to use restraint.

June 23: Army re-captures ‘Point 5203”. Arms recovered from Pak intruders exhibited at Delhi. Army Chief Gen Malik, Defence Minister George Fernandes and PM’s Principal Secretary today hinted that government may decide of crossing LoC at appropriate time.

June 24: 28 Pak intruders were killed in Batalik and Drass sector while Pak army has reportedly taken control of Gilgit for clandestine offensive.

George Fernandes asserted that intrusion will be cleared by September.

June 25: PM ruled out any dialogue till Pak respects LoC. India was gearing up for final show down in Tiger hills.

June 26: PM asserted that decision to cross LoC will be taken at appropriate time as Indian tolerance was reaching thresh-hold. Army destroyed many camps and bunkers of intruders and killed 20 intruders, 5 Indian including a Capt. also sacrificed their lives in the operation.

June 27: India expands air force opertaions and kills 17 Pak intruders as US Assistant of State Gibson Lampher briefed Indian authorities about outcome of US teams discussion with Pak authorities. 500 Bin Landen’s body-guards are reportedly fighting in Kargil.

June 28: 15 Pak soldiers killed as their attempt to capture a ridge line in Saichen was foiled by Indian troops. Indian government confirms visit of former Foreign Secretary Pakistan Niaz Naik but PM rules out any secret deal with Pakistan at “all party meet” which was convened to discuss Kargil situation. Farooq Abdullah opposes crossing LoC.

June 29: Troops recapture “Black Rock” and “Point 4700” and kill 45 Pak intruders. 21 Indian soldiers sacrificed their lives in the operation.

Washington states that US and China were working to defuse Kargil crisis.

June 30: Troops recaptured 4 strategic positions killing 50 infiltrators.

26 Indian soldirs including 3 officers sacrificed their lives in the operation. Advani visited Kargil to boost the morale of troops. Pakistan army spokesman asserted that Pak army will not withdraw from strategic positions come what may.

July 1: Ladakh scouts recapture key position in Batalik as 6 Indian and 7 Pak soldiers die in Kargil skrimshes. LK Advani announces that centre will bear the expenses of Kargil refugees.

July 3: 23 Indian and 21 Pak soldiers were killed as India launches final assualt to recapture Tiger Hills.

July 4: Troops recapture Tiger Hills. President describes it “the moments of pride”. PM Vajpayee turns down Clintons invitation to visit US as US rules out mediation on Kargil.

July 5: India achieves a diplomatic win. In a joint statement of Sharief-Clinton, Sharief agrees to pull out from Kargil, respect LoC and Shimla agreement and restart the process of Lahore declaration.

July 6: Indian soldiers recapture 3 more strategic points-Khalubar, Point 4812 and Dog Hills killing 55 Pak soldiers, 5 Indians also lost their lives.Pak observes black day in protest over government decision to pull out. Nawaz Sharief calls on UK PM Tony Blair who asks Nawaz to pull out from Kargil.

July 7: 15 Pak soldiers killed as Jubar and 3 other strategic points-4812, 4927, 4268 fall to Indian troops. PM rules out any 3rd party mediation or compromise on military operation in the Chief Ministers meeting convened to discuss Kargil.

July 8: 92 Pak troops killed as Indian soldiers recapture 3 more points including 5287 and 4927. 38 Indian soldiers also sacrificed their lives. Lt Gen Krishan Pal says that there are no signs of withdrawal but the signs of reinforcement from Pak side.

July 9: Pak makes veiled appeal to Mujahideens to withdraw from Kargil as Indian troops clear entire Batalik and as per agreement reached between Director Generals of Military Operations of India and Pakistan. In the Drass sector 108 Pak soldiers, 23 Indian lost their lives in the operation. Indian troops discover graves dumping Pak soldiers.

July 10: Fierce war to capture Mushkoh heights as PM says that intrusion has been turned back. The umbrella of 15 militant groups ‘United Jihad Council’ dismisses reports of pull out.

July 11: Pak forces and infiltrators start withdrawal from Kargil. National Security Advisor to PM Mr Brijesh Mishra says that with drawal will be completed in 7 days.

July 12: IAF suspends air strikes as shelling still continues in Batalik and Drass sectors. 12 Pak soldier and 7 Indian jawans were killed.

July 13: As guns fall silent on Kaksar, Mushkoh, G.O.I. refuses to accept ceasefire.

July 14: While India asked intruders to vacate till the dead line of 16th July morning, Pak insisted that there was no such dead line. Indian troops are moving close to LoC in Batalik and Drass sectors.

July 15: India extends pullout dead line by two days as Indian troops reach LoC at 3 places. Finance minister rules out imposition of Kargil tax.

July 16: Kargil war ends as last intruder withdraws.

The war is over but the crisis is not yet over. Indian forces have reported reached the LoC. But, the exchange of fire still continues and Pakistani army is targetting army as well as Civilian locations and esclation of situation cannot be ruled out.

According to Major General (General Staff) Northern Command Mr PPS Bindra, 487 Indian army personnels-25 officers, 19 JCOs and 443 other ranks-sacrificed their lives while 1190-71 officers, 75 JCOs, 10 44 other ranks-were injured in the Kargil operations.

Source: Kashmir Sentinel

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Kargil 1999



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