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In 1987, immediately afterthe Exercise Brass Tacks, Pakistan government asked its Joint Chief of Staff Committee (JCSC) to Siachen glacier. After prolonged deliberations, JCSC submitted a comprehensive plan to make India recoil from the Saltoro crestline and Siachen glacier. The aim of this operation, codenamed Plan - X, was to seize and hold logistics support bases vital for maintenance of troops deployed on the Saltoro Crest Line, Siachen and Southern Glaciers by surprise attck with a view of  trapping all Indian troops deployed in the glacier areas and enabling Pakistan to negotiate withdrawal of Indian forces from Siachen Glacier from a position of strength.

The details of this plan were published in a leading Indian defence Journal in 1992. Plan - X visualised capture of forward positions of Partapur garrison along axis Siari-Tortuk and logistic support bases for Southern Glaciers by infiltration across the LC,  capturing  Thoise Air field Complex and Siachen base camp through heli-landing of troops, simulation of major attacks in Drass, Kargil, Tangdhar, Pooch to tie down Indan reserve formations and stepping up terrorist and guerrilla activity in the Kashmir Valley.

Plan - X was shelved because of the prolongation of Taliban war in Afghanistan and Benazir government appeared to be totally against such military adventure in Siachen. Some Pakistani Generals did not agree with Benazir in postponement of Plan - X. They took India’s support to Dr Najilbullah’s regime in Afghanistan as an excuse to attack Siachen. On a note of prophetic warning, the author of  ‘OP. Topac-Kashmir imbroglio’ warned, "these Generals may not have their way immediately but it cannot be assumed that they will not have their way in the future".  

Source: Kashmir Sentinel

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