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Dr. Kundan Lal Chowdhury

Dr. K. L. Chowdhury
Dr. K. L. Chowdhury


Born in Srinagar, Kashmir, Dr. Kundan Lal Chowdhury is a Medical graduate (M.B., B.S.) from Punjab University and postgraduate (MD) from Delhi University. He did fellowship in Neurology from London.


He started his career as a faculty member in Medical College, Srinagar, as a clinician, teacher and researcher, rose to become a Professor, and pioneered Neurology as a subspecialty in the Medical College.


In the wake of militancy in 1990 he moved to Jammu, and started a charitable hospital, the Shriya Bhat Mission Hospital and Research Center which provides free multi-specialty consultation and treatment to the poor and indigent patients and conducts medical camps, surveys and research. He conducted pioneering work on the Health Trauma of the Displaced Populations  and coined new syndromes like "Stress Diabetes", "Psychological Syndromes of  exiles",  "The 10-12 Syndrome", "The metabolic syndrome in 'migrant' camp inmates"  etc. and highlighted the adverse effects of stress and of environmental and lifestyle changes on a displaced population.  He is the patron-director of Shriya Bhat Mission Hospital and Research Center.


Dr. Chowdhury is engaged in multifarious activities as a medical professional, social activist, journalist, poet and writer, essayist and reviewer.


Dr. Chowdhury has published papers on various subjects - medical and scientific, socio-cultural, and political, making a mark in the literary field with the publication of his three highly acclaimed anthologies:

  • "Of Gods, Men and Militants" (Minerva Press India). 2000  

  • "A Thousand-Petalled Garland and other poems" (Writer's Workshop, Kolkata) 2003

  • "Enchanting World of Infants" (Peacock Books, Atlantic Publishers and Distributors, Private Ltd., New Delhi). 2007


Dr. Chowdhury is a recipient of many awards, among others:

  • 'Kashmiri of the Year' 2007 by e-journal 'Shehjar', for his service to Healthcare and Literature.

  • The Rajive Ghandi Shiromani award in September 2007 by National Integration and Economic Council, for his outstanding service in various fields including health, community work, literature.

  • Pt. R N Koul Memorial Trust award, 'The Smiriti Samman' of 2006, for his missionary work in the field of Health and Disease for the poor and needy population.

  • Pt Prem Nath Bhat Amateur Journalist award 2004

  • The "Best Book Award for Excellence in Literature" in English, for the year 2008, by Jammu and Kashmir State Academy of Art, Culture and Languages was conferred for his work entitled "Enchanting World Infants" 

Published in Indian Literature, South Asian Review, Journal of Commonwealth Literature, Indian Book Chronicle, Poetcrit, Shehjar, aalav, Naad, Koshur Samachar.


Work in progress:

  • Exodus Diary

  • My Medical Journey in Exile - stories

  • Dialogues between mother and son - poetry

  • Return to Homeland after 18 years –Travelogue

  • Roller coaster poetry

Poems and Books

Of Gods, Men & Militants
This book of poetry gives expression to the intense hurt, sadness, disappointment, shock and disillusionment of a whole community. 

Cover GarlandThousand-Petalled Garland and Other Poems

Book  Reviews

My Medical Journey (Coming Soon)  

Homeland after Eighteen Years - A 48 hour Travelogue

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M.K. Raina on Dr. K.L.Chowdhury's Poetics   I am my own company (Poem)


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