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(For Arjan Dev Majboor)
The age
when people complain of their pains
and indifference of children
It is a pleasure to see you
like a rider
who tightens the saddle of his horse
before leaving for his new adventure.
On! Wanderer of life
You dare to go beyond always
Rhythms follow you
Me age
When people hear the bells
tinkling in the ears
and shadows of death
lurking on their eyelids
You dare say
Does God really exist!
On! Lover of life
It is always a pleasure to see you
and listen to your poems
Pulsating with liveliness
Visiting you
I always feel proud to think.
That being a poet in itself
is the greatest reward
nature can bless somebody with.

- Maharaj Krishan Santoshi
113-A/4, Anand Nagar, Bohri Talab Tillo, Jammu.

Source: Kashmir Sentinel




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