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"Posh Puza" in close up. A wonderful and colourful religious scene.Wonderful indeed!
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Those are "Vidayee" pictures. Mark the "Vyug" with two " Takus" and some samgri in it. Then again the send off by mother of the bride by offering both of them the sweets. 
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The couple is taken to the near by temple to take the blessings of the lord. A simple puja is performed by the pujari of the temple and gives the couple some prasad. The couple prays for a smooth, happy and prosperous life ahead. After taking the blessings of the lord the couple starts the onward journey to the groom's house. In the right hand side picture please  mark the "Vyug" made by the in-laws to welcome their son who will arrive alongwith the "Laxmi" of the house.
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Upon reaching the groom's house the couple is welcomed on the "Vyug" again. Again the ritual of "Aalat' and offering of sweets to the couple. 
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The "Mananmals" of both the bride and the groom are interchanged. Again I don't have any explanation behind this ritual. These are the same "Mananmals" tied to them while performing lagan at the brides place.

Uteesh DharPictures and Commentary provided by:  

Uteesh Dhar, Ahmedabad 




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