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July-September 2001 Issue

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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

  Annual  Report  2000-2001
by S. Kachroo
Hon. General Secretary
It gives me immense pleasure to report to you about the activities of  KPA for the third consecutive year. I must place on record my thanks to the members of the Biradari and my other colleagues of the Board of Trustees for this opportunity.

        No organisation, be it a Trust or a Body can deliver result unless each member contributes towards its success with sincerity and dedication. The working of KPA and the Board of Trustees is an example of achievement through team work and constant support from all the members. The Biradari members are due for special thanks from all of us for the trust and faith they have shown in the present team of Trustees.

        The year 2000-2001 started with the elections for the new Board of Trustees as per the constitution of KPA. Holding elections is the best method that any civilized society adopts for conducting such matters. Bitterness, if any, that may get generated during the election time is forgotten once the process is over. This behavior reflects the maturity and wisdom of all. I take privilege in reporting to you that all the members of the KPA have shown exemplary maturity while holding the first ever election to the Board of Trustees of KPA.

        Though, all the activities of the KPA get mentioned in the “Milchar” and I am sure you all are aware about things but, at the same time it happens to be my duty to report the activities of the Association.:

        During the year 11 meetings of the Board of Trustees were held.

1. Milchar. This lifeline of KPA has been growing in size, circulation and contribution from the readers. All the issues were released on time. We have now an Editorial Board to regulate and improve the quality of this periodical. Mr. P. N. Wali while agreeing to chair the Editorial Board has an able team comprising Shri J. N. Kachroo (ex-Principal, National High School), Mr. Onkar Aima, Mr. M. K. Raina and Mrs. Basanti Raina to help and guide.

        We have requested all the Biradari members to send us subscription @ Rs. 100/- per year for this, as it is becoming increasingly difficult for the KPA to meet the expenses of the “Milchar” without the support from the Biradari. I am happy to announce that many members have already sent us contribution at enhanced rates. We will ensure that this lifeline not only remains active but is also kept healthy and at the same time is made meaningfully purposeful.

2. Cultural Activities. This year too, like the past, we had a houseful night on the 24th March 2001 at Ranga Sharda, which was well organised under the convenership of Mr. S. P. Kachroo. The Board of Trustees consciously has been trying to promote Kashmiri language and our culture through this program. While keeping this as the guiding principle we focussed our efforts to encourage local talent by giving them an opportunity to perform on the stage. The young team of students that took part in the skit and the songs could definitely be called as finding of the season. These youngsters blended themselves very well with the experienced artists who where seen on the stage and need no mention.

        This time the souvenir was brought out on the same day. The souvenir itself was designed to keep our heritage alive. We received Rs.163000.00 as contribution for the souvenir on this occasion. I would be failing in my duty, if I do not bring to your attention that due to Mr. J. L. Kak’s intervention we got almost 50% discount on the Hall rentals. We thank the individuals and the corporates who put up advertisements in the souvenir.

‘Life-time Contribution Award’ for the year 200-2001 was awarded top Shri Ramji Sabni, the reverend Guruji of the community. The recommendation of the ‘Samman Committee’ in nominating Shri Sabni for the said Award, was well received by the biradari.

        Mohan Lal Aima Music Award (MAMA) entered its third year with a better participation this year. We still have a long distance to go and we need a better response from all of you to make this as an important event of the KPA calender. This year, the Sponsor of the Award had added one more prize of Rs. 500.00 each for the third placement in both male and female category. This year, the award for the first place (Rs. 2000.00) was bagged by Guneet Dhar, second prize (Rs. 1000.00) by Rishi Bradoo and third prize (Rs. 500.00) by Vivek Wali in the male category. In the female category, the first prize was won by Megha Tikoo, second prize by Diksha Kaul and the third prize by Garvi Dhar.

        The Annual Get-together of 14th February at Kashyap Bhawan was the usual big event of the year. About 1000 people attended. The committee members under the chairmanship of Dr. R. Thusoo had pre-planned the details meticulously resulting in a wonderfully memorable day. We received a net donation of Rs. 1.00 lac. on that day

        A Cultural Get-together on the occasion of Diwali, Navreh the Annual Picnic to Arnala beach, were attended by a large number of Biradari members. Events like these would ensure better one to one contact and act as a binding force to keep us together.

3. Educational Activities. As reported last year, KPA with Lalla-Ded Educational and Welfare Trust took upon itself conducting and organizing the ‘Project Zaan’- an ambitious Project to educate the young and not so young members of the Biradari about History, Culture, Geography about our motherland. Based on the Information Digests painfully tailored by a team headed by Mr. J. N. Kachroo (ex-Principal) with the assistance and help of Mr. M. K. Raina, a ‘Quiz Contest’ was conducted on 30th April at Kashyap Bhawan. All the participants had come prepared with all the seriousness for the program.  The young master Vivek Wali replying each and every question and winning applause from the audience was the high point of the day. This we feel, is a small beginning in the right direction that will keep the torch burning for future generations to follow.

        Besides, compiling and distributing Information Digest (Volume 2) - a monumental work under the said ‘Project Zaan’ this year, was releasing of ‘Basic Reader for Kashmiri Language’ (Volume 3), which was well received by the community.

4. Release of Biradari Directory 2000. An updated directory of the biradari was released in September 2000 which incorporates the detailed information of about 750 members of the biradari.

5. Life Membership Cards. Life Membership Cards were for the first time issued for identification of life members of the Kashmiri Pandits’ Association.  The job was undertaken free of cost by M/s Impressions, Vasai. Those members who have not yet been issued the said cards,  are requested to send their bio-data along with the photographs to Kashyap Bhawan for issuance of the same.

6. Admission to Professional Colleges. KPA has over the years, become a nodal agency for the admission of migrant students to various professional colleges in Maharashtra. Besides procuring admission forms for various streams as requisitioned by Kashmiri Samiti Delhi and Kashmiri Pandit Sabha Jammu, the KPA has been making arrangements for the stay of the students and their parents who come to Mumbai for the counselling process. Last year, arrangements were made by KPA for housing nearly 1500 people at various places in Mumbai on nominal charges.

7. Medical and Relief Measures. KPA distributed Rs. 25000/- to the needy patients for their treatment. Residential accommodation at Kashyap Bhawan remained occupied for about 10 months with the patients and their family members, who came to Mumbai for treatment in the last year. KPA has been rendering this facility to all those community members who come to Mumbai for treatment. This service has been well appreciated by the users.

8. Kashyap Bhawan Hall. As you would see from the enclosed statement of accounts we have earned Rs. 1,14,700.00 revenue from the Hall and Rs. 14,400.00 on account of hiring of chairs. With this, we have already recovered the cost of the chairs in less than two years time. The hall, as you would notice, needs some maintenance, which hopefully will be taken up after the monsoon.

9. Financial Position of KPA. The financial position of KPA would be evident from the enclosed audited balance sheet.

  • Increased F.D’s from Rs.961007.00 to Rs. 1114007.00.
  • On expenditure side, you would notice an increase of expenditures on printing, postage etc. This is mainly due to the increased volume of Milchar, increase in its circulation, hike in the cost of postage and release of a  new biradari directory.
10. Life Members. With the admission of  91 new life members during the year, KPA has  496  Life Members now.

        Had it not been for the spontaneous response of the Biradari, we would have not been able to achieve these results. We draw our strength from you all members and look forward for productive activities during the coming years.

Kashmiri Pandits' Association, Mumbai
Income & Expenditure Account for the year ended 31 March 2001
Previous Year  Income  Current Year
1,48,381.00 By Hall Rent Received  1,14,700.00
12,705.00 By Chairs Rent Received 14,400.00
34,500.00 By Donation Nil
Nil By Advertisement Received 1,88,400.00
Nil By Annual Function Contribution 1,00,842.00
7,341.00 By Milchar Subscription 12,483.00
Nil By Misc. Receipts 5,700.00
4,067.00 By Bank Interest on SB A/c 5,889.00
48,157.00 By Bank Interest on FD A/c  43,157.00
30,707.00 By Bank Interest on FD A/c Medical 14,325.00
5,233.95 By Dividend from UTI 5,330.00
36,300.00 By Dividend on SBI Mutual Fund   13,500.00
3,27,391.00 Total 5,18,726.88
Previous Year  Income  Current Year
36,750.00 To Salary 31,800.00
60,907.00 To Society Maintenance Charges 67,703
88,944.00 To Cultural Activity Expenses 1,05,308.00
Nil To Jammu Kashmir Samiti Expenses 15,375.00
48,467.00 To Printing & Stationery 1,20,380.00
2,795.00  To Conveyance Expenses 3,153.00
21,494.00 To Postage & Courier Expenses 23,685.00
7,283.00 To Telephone Expenses  8,689.00
1,968.00 To Repairs & Maintenance  2,814.00
1,018.00  To Meeting Expenses 3,388.00
3,172.00 To Office & General Expenses 7,199.00
8,378.00 To Electricity Charges  16,754.00
5,000.00 To Donation Nil
245.00 To Bank Charges 496.00
7,000.00 To Professional & Audit Fee  7,350.00
15,000.00  To Relief Expenses/ Medical 25,000.00
14,604.00 To Depreciation 18,269.00
4,366.95 To Excess of Income over Expenditure transfered to Income & Expenditure A/c 61,363.88
3,27,391.95 Total 5,18,726.88
Mumbai 19.06.2001 For Shailesh Gandhi & Co.
Shailesh Gandhi
Chartered Accountant
For Kashmiri Pandits' Association
Sd/-                Sd/-                Sd/-
President       Secretary       Treasurer

Kashmiri Pandits' Association, Mumbai
Balance Sheet as at 31st March 2001

Previous Year Liabilities Sch.  Current Year
4,36,385.00 Trust Fund A 4,96,852.00
29,87,571.00  Reserves & Surplus B 30,05,840.00
10,340.00 Expenses Payable  C 12,190.00
34,34,296.00 Total 35,14,882.00

Previous Year Liabilities Sch.  Current Year
11,38,227.00  Fixed Assets (At Cost) D 11,38,227.00
9,61,007.00  Investments E 11,41,007.00
34,34,296.00 Total 35,14,882.00
Current Assets, Loans & Advances
Previous Year Liabilities Sch.  Current Year
2,04,673.28  Cash & Bank Balances  F 1,66,623.16
13,835.00  Loans, Advances & Deposits  G 13,835.00
11,16,553.72 Income & Expenditure A/c H 10,55,189.84
34,34,296.00  Total 35,14,882.00

Mumbai 19.06.2001 For Shailesh Gandhi & Co.
Shailesh Gandhi
Chartered Accountant
For Kashmiri Pandits' Association
Sd/-                Sd/-                Sd/-
President       Secretary       Treasurer

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