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April-June 2002 issue

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Excellence is all 

This issue of Milchar makes a proud mention of Achin Kaul, achieving place of honour in Maharashtra Board examination. Also mentioned is the selection of first ever KP girl Sharmishta Kaul, to the coveted IAS. These are some examples of our youngsters achieving laurels in various fields and disciplines, which may not always find mention in our organs. But they are equally important and significant. They testify that it is within us to stand ahead and me noticed. It may sound chauvinistic but I will not hesitate to say there is something special in us which makes us shine. Shine we will, if we rub off the rust which covers the genuine mettle  within.

 This issue also contains the obituary reference to two other great personalities, Shri Sham Lal Shakdher and Dr. M.L.Dhar. They have done the community proud in their own field. They have done so with humble origins, working hard up the line, with no special facilities or patronage available to them. They achieved what they did on the basis of their grit and intelligence. There are many who have gone past amongst us, who have done it. Others are even at this time making the grade. They all go to prove 'we can'.

 I would go a step further and say this very quality of excellence is our salvation. Politics may use us, but will not save us. Politics is finally a game of numbers in which we will always be losers. Fairness of our demand and whatever we have in support of our cause, will be overlooked. Few words of sympathy but no urge to help us, will welcome us. What can help us, is our own capacity and attainment. This is the age of knowledge power.  If we ride the crest of this wave, we may share power - but never a political power. Let us distinguish ourselves by our achievements. 

 I am proud of the achievements of our youngsters who point that it is within us to lead the knowledge pack. Mr. Pradip Kar - Microland, may be a more known example. Thanks to the state of Maharashtra, our boys and girls have got a kick start into professional courses, from which we were being biased in home - Kashmir. It has opened the flood gates of our creativity. Except for few exception, our youngsters have generally done well. No doubt, there has been an employment crunch during last one year or so, but our youngsters have mostly found an opening. This they have done merely on the basis of their own individual ability and capacity.

    I would not hesitate to restate that the solutions to our problems will come from within us only - our undivided and collective achievements. Let us take full advantage of the freedom to excel, which had been denied to us for decades. Freedom and discipline are two sides of the same coin. Let this freedom spur us to higher realms of creativity and not lead us astray. 

... P. N. Wali

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