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January-March 2002 issue

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Gujarat Carnage: All human beings would condemn the inhuman ‘Godra Kand’ and its reprehensible aftermath. The apparent lack of effectiveness in handling the situation in Gujarat has raised many a eyebrows.

 What happened in Godra may have pre-planned or may have flared up instantaneously, but what followed was definitely senseless revengeful reaction in which the very fibre of our so-called secularism was torn to shreds.
 In this ‘tandav of destruction’ scores of people have been burnt alive, it is immaterial to which faith they belonged to, hundreds of houses have been burnt, thousands of shops have been looted and ransacked and Gujarat is still smouldering. The shell shocked terror stricken persons have left their homes and hearths for safer places - Camps / Ashrams to escape the communal onslaught. Now commissions shall be set up to find out the reason for this carnage, yet the truth may never unfold. The lip sympathy of the Government shall fade away and what shall remain would be scars of ‘tented colonies’ which shall shame India for years to come.

 What has happened to Gujarat today has happened to Kashmir viz-a-viz Pandits twelve years ago. The Kashmiri Pandit knows the pangs of this brutal trauma. He has had to leave his native place under the grave threat to the security of his life. He has been living in abject sub-human condition in the camps and tents in Jammu. He is well aware of the lip sympathy of the Government. It appears government has become immune to suffering of the human beings. It is time that people wake up, reject vote bank politics, respect one another’s faith, shun the religious animosity and spread message of peace and harmony and thus isolate selfish and self serving politician.

 Our Annual Events: The flagship events of the Kashmiri Pandits’ Association - the annual Hawan and Annual Cultural Program went off very well this year too. More than 800 Biradari members partook naveed in most devout and disciplined manner. It is a matter of gratification that for some years now our Biradari members have been donating generously for the Hawan, which not only reinforces our faith in our religious beliefs but it also keeps our traditions alive.

 The Cultural Program wherein Shri Rajinder Kachroo from Delhi was the main performer went off in a dignified and poised manner. We, at the Kashmiri Pandits’ Association, were sceptical about the fund raising this year because of peculiar political circumstances but we were proved wrong. Our indefatigable squad of fund raisers rose to the occasion and achieved the impossible. Kashmiri Pandits’ Association is grateful to all of them.

Milchar: The lifeline of communication of Kashmiri Pandits’ Association - the Milchar, we are constrained to inform our Biradari shall now onwards be sent to only such members who subscribe to this periodical. Much though we would like to keep up the tradition of sending Milchar to all the members of the community but the cost escalation including the postage has compelled us to suspend dispatch of Milchar to non-subscribers. We hope and pray that members would appreciate our constraint. 

J. L. Manwati

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