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July-September 2002 Issue

Fusion of multi tiny specks of Pranav which pervades the Universe in the shape of OM. A drawing by Late Radha Krishen Kaul (Kotha), retired Asstt. Engineer of Bal Garden, Srinagar (Originally of Rainawari). Shri Kotha passed away in September 1994 at Delhi

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Between Ourselves

Namaskar. The glaring result of the recent election in Jammu & Kashmir was that Abdullah family was shown the door after 27 years of rule or call it misrule in the State.  Unfortunately, 'Kaun Banega Mukhyamantri', tussle between the Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party, evaporated even the chance of coalition government coming to power in the State. Dr. Abdullah from day one said that his party having lost the trust of the people, would sit in opposition and let the new government function without any hassle. Meanwhile the power-hungry parties demonstrated that they neither have any concern for the sanctity of the mandate nor for the enormous sacrifice made by the people braving bullets in the election. The people who wanted an alternate government and had voted for it, though in a fractured manner, felt betrayed and deceived.

 The astute politician, Dr. Farooq gleefully was watching the situation and he played his, though constitutionally correct, card at 11.00 PM in the night of 17th October by declining to continue as the care-taker Chief Minister, which left the Governor with no choice but to invoke Governor's Rule in the State. Taken aback by Dr. Farooq's role, both the Congress and the PDP started showering all the possible invectives on the spoil-sport Dr. Farooq, forgetting their uncompromising attitude for the ascendancy to the power chair, which brought situation to this mess.

 Whatever would be the fate of J&K in the coming weeks vis-a-vis Government formation, the recent elections garnered a goodwill for both the State and the Centre for holding and conducting elections in free and fair manner. This notwithstanding the threat of militancy, the boycott call given by Hurriyat and Panun Kashmir.

    As far we Kashmiri Pandits are concerned, Shri Raman Mattoo who was kept in humour by the National Conference by assuring him a mandate from Habba Kadal constituency, which for domestic squabbles, we are told, was later dropped, forcing him to stand as an independent candidate. There were as many as half a dozen more Kashmiri Pandit candidates who had accepted mandate from one or the other party demonstrating amply our 'crab mentality'. The Delhi migrants, defying the boycott call of Panun Kashmir exercised their franchise through postal ballot. If there were not six other candidates between whom the Delhi votes got divided, Shri Mattoo would have won with a better margin.

 It is sad that our leaders could not come on one platform even in the pre-election period to chalk out their strategy. Some of them, though very late in the day, toyed with the idea of representation in exile, while some fell to the bait of Dr. Farooq, who assured them three seats in the State Vidhan Sabha. Yet some thought it prudent to meet the President Dr. Kalaam to apprise him about the plight of the community, although these leaders are fully aware that President in no manner can influence the Executive in such extraneous matters. While Panun Kashmir met the President with one brief, the President of Kashmiri Samiti, Delhi had met him with a brief totally at variance with Panun Kashmir.

 Between ourselves, I think even the scientist turned President must be having a last laugh on the 'Fusion Problems' of our miniscule community. 

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