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October-December 2002 issue

House Boats on Dal Lake in Srinagar

House Boats on Dal Lake in Srinagar. Credit for introducing House Boats in Kashmir goes to Pt. Narain Das, father of Swami Laxman ji.

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  Message from the President
Between Ourselves
Wish you a very Happy
Prosperous New Year

Although we Pandits celebrate 'Navreh' on the 'Pritipada of Chaitra Shuklapaksh', yet I feel that the 'New year' ushered in by Gregorian calender has got so mingled with us, that sharing joy and happiness on this day as well, would not detract anything from the sanctity of our 'Navreh'.

Recently, as you are aware, elections for the Board of Trustees of our Association were held for the term 2002-2004, and a new team has taken over the reins of manning it. The change of guard has brought in some of our time-tested and experienced members, with a dash of some new enthusiastic faces and a good number of youngsters, who, I am sure, will endeavour to strengthen our Association with zeal and dedication.

Being one of the senior-most members of the new team, who has been associated with the KPA right from its inception, I would take this opportunity to pay my respects and regards to our predecessors, who are no longer with us, and seek the guidance from our old living stalwarts who have nourished the Association like a child, which is a 'grown-up body' of more than four decades now.

Steadily, KPA has tried to reach its established goal and hope your further cooperation and blessings shall fulfill all the aspirations of the community.

To interact more with the community spread all over Mumbai, we have set out our mind, keeping in view the various suggestions made in our AGM to maintain our cultural heritage, for betterment of our community.

I would entreat upon biradari members at large to come forth with suggestions and guide the new team of BOT to perform its duty in proper and dignified manner.

Thanking you.

M. L. Mattoo

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