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October-December 2002 issue

House Boats on Dal Lake in Srinagar

House Boats on Dal Lake in Srinagar. Credit for introducing House Boats in Kashmir goes to Pt. Narain Das, father of Swami Laxman ji.

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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

  Report & Biradari News

AGM & New B.O.T.

Annual General Meeting of the Kashmiri Pandits' Association, Mumbai was held on 24th November 2002 at Kashyap Bhawan, Andheri. In addition to the normal business scheduled under the AGM regulations, a new Board of Trustees was elected for the term 2002-2004, in accordance with the standing provisions of the Constitution. The following were elected un-opposed as per the notification issued by Shri Vijay Misri, Returning Officer. Official positions held by them, as per the unanimous decision taken in a meeting of the newly constituted Board immediately after the AGM, are indicated against each:

1. Shri M.L.Mattoo President
2. Smt. Shanta Kapoor Vice President
3. Shri J.L.Kak Vice President
4. Shri C.L.Raina General Secretary
5. Smt. Neena Kher Jt. Secretary
6. Smt. Meena Wanchoo Treasurer
7. Shri J.L.Manwati Member
8. Shri P.N.Wali Member
9. Shri S.P.Kachru Member
10. Smt. Neelam Trakru Member
11. Shri S.K.Kaul (JNPT) Member
12. Shri Virendra Takoo Member
13. Capt. Rakesh Shah Member
14. Shri M.K.Raina Member
15. Shri Sunil Mattoo Member

Following were nominated as permanent Special Invitees to the meetings of the Board of Trustees:

Shri Surinder Wazir, Smt. Shakuntala Aima
Dr. C.L.Kaul, Shri Moti Kaul, Shri Jayant Raina
Shri Kapil Raina, Shri T.K.Raina, Shri Sanjeev Kaul
and Shri Ashok Tiku.

In addition, the following Committees were constituted:

Felicitation Committee:

Shri Mr. J.L.Kak ... Chairperson
Shri J.L.Manwati ... Member
Shri Moti Kaul ... Member

Medical Aid Committee:

Smt. Shanta Kapoor ... Chairperson
Shri S.P.Kachru ... Member
Capt. Rakesh Shah ... Member

Hawan Committee:

Capt. Rakesh Shah ... Convener
Shri Chand Bhat ... Member
Smt. Neena Kher ... Member
Smt. Meena Wanchoo ... Member
Shri S.P.Kachru ... Member
Shri P.N.Wali ... Member
Shri T.K.Raina ... Member

Cultural Committee:

Shri J.L.Manwati ... Member
Smt. Shakuntala Aima ... Member
Smt. Rita Kaul ... Member
Shri P.N.Wali ... Member
Smt. Neena Kher ... Member
Smt. Vijaya Bhan ... Member

Souvenir Committee:

Shri J.L.Manwati ... Coordinator
Shri Ashok Tiku ... Member
Shri Kapil Raina ... Member
Shri M.K.Kachroo ... Member
Shri Moti Kaul ... Member
Smt. Neena Kher ... Member
Shri Surinder Wazir ... Member
Shri S.K.Kaul (JNPT) ... Member
Shri Suriender Kachroo ... Member
Shri S.Vaishnavi ... Member

Biradari Picnic

On 29th December, 2002, a biradari picnic was arranged at Hevibhushe Farm, near Pen in the Raigad District, 80 Kms. form Mumbai. About 200 biradari members travelling in 3 luxury buses and private cars, participated. The Farm, a vast area of land with grown up coconut trees, flower plants, water ways, fish pond, swimming pool, play grounds, children's amenities and country type enclosures provided a peaceful atmosphere to the visitors. Children had a busy day, participating in games like Cricket, Football etc. Indoor games like Tambola, Musical Chairs and some competitive events were also held, much to the delight of everyone. We also had a guest from Jammu, Shri Krishen Langoo, who delighted one and all with the recitation of Lalla Vakhs.
The only negative point in the otherwise joyful trip was scored by the quality of food provided by the Farm Management. Breakfast was however better.

Kashyap Coop: Housing Society (Proposed)

A Society by the name of Kashyap Cooperative Housing Society (Proposed) has been formed by a group of KPs at Oshiwara, Mumbai on 22nd September 2002. The purpose of forming such a society, as per a press note issued, is to enable biradari members to live together and share their joys and sorrows. Following were elected as office bearers of the Managing Committee:

Chairman : Mr. R.C.Sheopuri
Vice Chairman : Mr. C.L.Kaul
Hon. Secretary : Mr. Ashok Tiku
Hon. Treasurer : Mr. S.P.Kachru
Executive Members: Mr. Moti Kaul, Dr. C.L.Kaul, Mr. Rajen Kaul and Mr. R.N.Mongha.
Biradari members interested to become members of the proposed society may contact:
Kashyap Cooperative Housing Society (Proposed), 905/12, Indra Darshan, Oshiwara, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400 053.
Tel: 91-22-26390805/26390397
Fax: 91-22-28635923.


Nirja, D/o Smt. Usha & Shri Avtar Krishen Bhat of Mandakini Hsg. Society,Virar was married to Sushil, S/o Smt Tathiji & Shri Chamanlal Pandita on December 1, 2002 at Jammu.

Payal, D/o Smt. Girja & Shri Villa Kaul of Seva Kunj, Aundh, Pune (Niece of Shri Moti Kaul of Sundervan Complex, Andheri) was married to Vikas, S/o Mrs. Meena & Mr. Bharat Shah on December 8, 2002 at Pune.

Amit, S/o Smt. Krishna & Shri I.B.Raina of Andheri, Mumbai was married to Payal, D/o Smt. Teja & Shri Ashok Kaul of Delhi on November 27, 2002 at Delhi.

Shalin, S/o Smt. Veena & Shri Ashok Raina of Vasai was married to Varsha, D/o Smt. Vijay & Shri P.K.Jala of Delhi on December 12, 2002 at Delhi.

Kuldeep, S/o Smt. Munjoo & Shri R.R.Wazir of I.C.Colony, Borivali was married to Suchitra, D/o Smt. Nancy & Shri H.L.Jailkhani of Bangalore on November 27, 2002 at Jammu.


Smt. Gayatri & Shri Sanjay Bradoo of Chembur were blessed with a baby girl on 31st December 2002. Shri Sanjay is the son of Shri R.L.Bradoo.

Smt. Sunny & Shri Rajesh Kapoor of Shastri Nagar, Andheri were blessed with a baby boy on 23rd. December 2002. Shri Rajesh is the son of Smt. Shanta Kapoor.

New Life Members

Moza Ashok
Flat No. 103, Plot 308,
Wonderful C.H.Society, Sector 21, Nerul,
Navi Mumbai 400 706. Tel: 27708876.

Moza Vinod
C-314, Jyoti Apartments,
Shahad (W), Kalyan, Dist. Thane .
Tel: 300718.

Kher Sunil
603, Sai Sparsh, Plot No. 74,
Sector 19, Nerul, Navi Mumbai.

Kashmiri Cuisine at your door steps

Photo of 'POUSH'
Photo of 'POUSH'

Recently opened Kashmiri Restaurant 'Poush'- Essence of Kashmir in Andheri is the brainchild of a hotelier Shri Om Takoo. The elevational architecture of the restaurant, for which craftsmen were brough right away from Kashmir, resembles that of a traditionally done up Houseboat, with slanted pinewood shingling in typical Kashmiri style. Traditional Krewel-embroidered wall hangings and Kangdis used as flower vases and Kashmiri music in the background creates the perfect Kashmiri ambience. A special thing to mention, is the Khutumbandi ceiling inside, perhaps the only one of its kind in Mumbai. A Shikara by the side of the restaurant, crafted to provide you that 'surfing effect' while you have your meals the Kashmiri style, adds beauty to the whole conception.

The menu enlists mainly Kashmiri Pandit dishes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. 'Poush' makes use of recipes that are generations old. The cooking medium is only mustard oil, to retain 'that' originality. Food is served in copper pots by attendants in Pheran. Steaming hot Kahwa is served in Samovars. All this speaks volumes about the owner's passion for Kashmir. 'Poush' also offers home delivery within city limits at a nominal charge and theme party catering. Address: 17, Mayfair Oberoi Complex, Off Link Road, Near SABe TV, Andheri (W). Tel: 56970825, 56994553.

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