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October-December 2002 issue

House Boats on Dal Lake in Srinagar

House Boats on Dal Lake in Srinagar. Credit for introducing House Boats in Kashmir goes to Pt. Narain Das, father of Swami Laxman ji.

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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri


It was with real sorrows that I heard about the sad demise of Shri Onkar Aima. I knew him since 1956. I will cherish for ever his magnetic charm and the qualities that made him such a wonderful companion and a true friend. He is not dead, he is just away.

We receive the copies of Milchar regularly and are abreast of the happenings in Mumbai Biradari. Such publications serve community well and are a mirror through which the daily occurrences, community's health, advancement in style and stature, the weaknesses and the strengths can best be seen and compared. I congratulate you and the Editorial Board of Milchar for their persistent, positive and sustained efforts not only in keeping the journal going, but also improving it in style and syntax. I do hope that you are receiving a copy of our Quarterly publication Sundervani. I have requested the Editor of Sundervani to give a wide publicity to Milchar in the next issue to optimize the sale /distribution of Milchar, so that both of our people could be nearer to each other. I expect that you will reciprocate in the similar manner.

Secondly, I would like to say that we have about 700 families of Kashmiri Pandits living in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and its adjoining areas, with prospective candidates for admission every year to the professional colleges at Mumbai and other places. Your Association is doing a commendable job first in advising the dates of admission in the colleges to Kashmiri Samiti, Delhi and Kashmiri Pandit Sabha, Jammu, and then counselling the candidates for their admission to various colleges in Maharashtra. We do not receive the intimation regarding the admission dates and as such the candidates have to rely upon the information which they obtain from Delhi or Jammu and then go to any of these places to get the requisite forms and registration of their names or complete whatever formality is required for the said admissions. This becomes a circuitous route and more often than not some candidates are not able to avail of this opportunity. I would request you to route a copy of such information to our Sabha also.
Sqn Ldr. B.L.Sadhu
Kashmiri Sahayak Sabha, Chandigarh

I received Milchar issue July-Sept., 2002 just now. I am exceedingly glad to see the quality of the journal getting improved, issue by issue.
Essar Steel Ltd., Surat

This is with reference to the write-up of Pt. Manmohan Kaul 'Achkan' under the caption Urdu Language published in July-Sept. 2002 issue of Milchar. The world renowned Urdu poet Pt. Daya Shankar Kaul 'Naseem' had no connection with Agra as was mentioned by Pt. Achkan. Naseem was born in Kashmiri Mohalla, Lucknow and died of cholera there in his ancestral haveli. He was a Bakshi in the court of Nawab Amjad Ali Shah of Oudh. For details please read the second volume of my book 'Kashmiri Panditon Ke Anmol Rattan'.
B. N. Sharga
Kashmiri Mohalla, Lucknow
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