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April-May 2003 issue

Maa Sharika Temple, Hari Parvat, Village Anangpur, Faridabad.

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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri


Tribute to Shantaji Kapoor

Shanta ji Kapoor

Shantaji Kapoor 

Ah Didi !!

… M.K.Raina

 My frame is deep frozen

A long tongue protruding out in distress

My eyes lost into the vacuum

And paralysed.

  My heart is sinking

I have no questions to ask

No sermons to deliver

My words are failing me.

  I remember when I met you first

You caught me by my hand

I sought your introduction

You said "I am Shanta, but call me Didi".

  And I concluded

I had someone to support  me

Show me the way in a world strange

Lead me and give me love.

  You called me 'Bhaijan'

From the core of your heart

Showered upon me extreme affection

But, departed so soon, untimely ...

  True ... Whoever is born, is to die

We are only spectators

Mute witness to the happenings around

Moving statues  and powerless.

  We will wail for a while

And revert back to our 'Karma'

Look out for the livelihood

And live our lives till we meet our own end.

  But that again...

Will not be the end of the world

There will be no blackouts

World will move on, as it always did

  And that is the life ...

  Remembering you with grief

M.K. Raina




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