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April-May 2003 issue

Maa Sharika Temple, Hari Parvat, Village Anangpur, Faridabad.

Table of Contents

Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri


Project ZAAN

Know Your Language

Peculiar Kashmiri Words & Phrases  -  4

Noble Thoughts

English translation of a benediction in Sanskrit by Jagadguru Sankaracharya of Sri Kamakothi Pitham

Clarity with Sweet Words,

Knowledge with Humility,

Courage with Patience,

Wealth with renunciation,

Worthy to Earn

Education - Economics - Strength,

Fame - Merit,

Cultivate Friendship which will Conquer all Hearts,

Look upon others as Thyself,

Renounce War, forswear Competition,

Give up Aggression on others

which is wrong,

Wide mother Earth, our Mother is here

ready to give us all our Desires,

We have the Lord, our Father

Compassionate to all,

Ye Peoples of the World!

Restrain Yourself, Give, be Kind,

May all people be

Happy and Prosperous.

 -Translation by M.L.Mattoo





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