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April-May 2003 issue

Maa Sharika Temple, Hari Parvat, Village Anangpur, Faridabad.

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Report & Biradhari News


Nadimarg Massacre - Protest by KPs.

Members of the KP biradari from  Mumbai & Navi Mumbai held a demostration in Kopar Khairna on 30th March 2003, to protest against the brutal killing of 24 Kashmiri Pandits at Nadimarg in Kashmir. Demonstration was held under the banner of Kashmiri Pandits Association and the Uttar Bharati Hindu Mahasangh.

     Terming Pakistan as the 'Mother of Terrorism', the demonstrators requested the international biradari to declare Pakistan a Terrorist State. They also deplored the Media for underreporting/misreporting the facts with regard to genocide of Kashmiri Pandits.

News from AIKS

[AIKS is the apex body of 42 affiliate organisations of Kashmiri displaced persons in India and abroad.]

A delegation of KP Front Organisations, led by Shri M.K.Kaw, President AIKS, called on Shri L.K.Advani, Dy. PM and Home Minister of India on 29th March 2003 in his office at North Block, New Delhi. The delegation, among other things, conveyed its strong feelings of condemnation on the dastardly massacre of 24 KPs in Nadimarg, and pleaded for a high level probe into the security failure, to pin point the weakness in the system. It was also emphasised that the return of KPs to the Valley should not be decided unilaterally without consulting them. A written Memorandum was also submitted to the Dy. PM.

AIKS  Agenda

Shri M.K.Kaw, after having taken over as President of the All India Kasahmiri Samaj, New Delhi, has set the following agenda for next three years:

i) Build up the office and infrastructure of  AIKS. ii) Create a democratic system of functioning through committees and panels. iii) Take all decisions by consensus. iv) Institute Constitutional reforms. v) Build a sound financial base. vi) Implement a programme for the amelioration of the condition of Kashmiri Pandits in general and those in distress in particular. vii) Formulate and implement a programme for the development of the community and social reforms, especially in the context of issues relating to women and children. viii) Formulate a realistic National Policy on Kashmir and create a political consensus for its adoption and implementation. ix) Convert AIKS into a single moderate, mainstream voice of the Kashmiri Pandits and try to forge a consensus between the persons and the parties holding different shades of opinion. x) Delagate functions and powers to Zones and Unit levels so as to ensure better monitoring and coordination among the associates and other units.

AIKS Press-Release

According to a Press Release, issued by M.L.Kaul, General secretary of AIKS, an eight member delegation of AIKS led by Sh. M.K.Kaw  met Sh. N.N.Vohra, Government of India’s interlocutor on Kashmir, on 30th May 2003, and placed before him the view point of the KP’s migrant community regarding the issues concerning the dialogue with various political groups in Jammu & Kashmir. The delegation discussed the issue of autonomy and host of other problems connected with bringing peace and stability in Jammu & Kashmir. The delegation emphasised that government of India should accept no solution which undermines territorial integrity of the country, nor should it involve surrender of any part of the territory to Pakistan. It should not also jeopardise the secular and democratic fabric of the country.

     The delegation dwelt on the issue of return of Kashmiri Pandits and discussed the confidence-building measures which could help in the rehabilitation of those forcibly ousted from the state, and reverse the process of ethnic cleansing started by the Islamic fundamentalist forces operating in the state.

     Earlier the AIKS delegation met Dr. Manmohan Singh, Leader of the congress party in Rajya Sabha and placed before him the problems facing the migrant community temporarily living in camps and other places in the country. The delegation presented him a memoranda containing urgent problems facing Kashmiri Pandits in addition to those relating to their return to Kashmir. Dr Manmohan Singh’s response to the issues raised by the delegation was positive and encouraging. He extended his party’s assurance to the delegation that issues which could be tackled by Jammu and Kashmir government, would he discussed with the Chief Minister and ways and means found to satisfactorily resolve them. As regards problems whose solution was within the competence of the central government, the Congress party would endeavor to bring these to the notice of concerned central Ministers and seek their redressal.

AIKS Vice Presidents

The President AIKS, New Delhi, vide a Circular dated 3rd June 2003, has nominated the following as Vice Presidents. Their jurisdictions and areas of work are shown in brackets:

1) Sh. M.L. Mattoo, KPA, Mumbai. [Vice President, Western Zone]

2) Sqn. Ldr. B.L.Sadhu, Kashmiri Bhawan, Chandigarh [Vice President, Northern Zone]

3) Shri Sunil Shakdher, Pamposh Encl, New Delhi [Vice President, New Delhi]

4) Pt. T.N. Khosa, Kashyap Niwas , Amphalla, Jammu Tawi [Vice President, J&K]

5) Pt. L.N. Kaul, Kashmir Bhawan, Kolkata [Vice President, East Zone]

6) Dr. Vimal Razdan, K.S, Jodhpur [Vice President].

7) Pt. D.N. Kaul, Mahanagar, Lucknow [Vice President, Central Zone]

Following duties have been assigned to them:

i) To tour extensively in the area to monitor and coordinate the AIKS action programme. ii) To reactivate the dormant AIKS units in the zone. iii) To bring the unrepresented K.P. Groups in the region into AIKS mainstream. iv) To raise resources through donations, advertisements or organising programmes for fund raising for AIKS. v) To publicise programmes and policies drawn up by AIKS through group discussions and send feed back to AIKS. vi) To interact with moderate communities in the zone and other minority leaders to seek support for our cause.

AIKS circular 5(1) 2000 Dt: 2-06-2003

Subject Registration of Kashmiri Migrants:

This has reference to letter no KSS101 dated 22 May 2003 from President KSS Chandigarh addressed to Sh. Ravi Thusoo, Relief Commissioner J&K. This subject has been attracting AIKS attention since long and we have been pursuing the matter with central Government. Kashmiri Samiti and other state affiliates have also been making effort for registration of migrants at their ends. On the recommendation of Delhi State Government and vigorously pursued thereafter by Kashmiri Samiti Delhi, the Government of India has relented and recently decided to open registration of migrants who for various reasons were left out after it was closed in 1992. Kashmiri Samiti is coordinating the re-registration, who will very soon get in touch with you on the matter and send you copy of the Government circular and the forms for your guidance and follow-up. - General Secretary AIKS. 

News from Bangalore

Kashmiri Visthapit Seva Samiti, Bangalore, in an emergency meeting held on 24th March 2003, deeply condemned the barbaric attack on Kashmiri Pandits at Nadimarg. The Samiti also questioned the secular credentials of successive governments of J&K State including the present government headed by Mufti Mohd. Syed. A two-minute silence was also observed in the memory of those killed brutally at Nadimarg.

     On 25th March, 2003, a delegation of the Samiti led by Mr. Opender K. Bali, Secretary, submitted a Memorandum to Shri T.N.Chaturvedi, Hon'ble Governor of Karnataka at Raj Bhawan.

     Over 200 Kashmiri Pandits including women and children residing in Bangalore, Mysore and Tumkur held a demonstration  in front of Mahatma Gandhi Statue on M.G.Road in Bangalore, protesting against the brutal killings. The protest was jointly organised by Kashmiri Hindu Samiti and Kashmiri Hindu Cultural Welfare Trust, Bangalore.

News from Chandigarh

According to a Press Release issued by the Kashmiri Sahayak Sabha, Chandigarh, a general body meeting of the Sabha was held at the Bhawan on 31st May, 200. Following office bearers were re-elected for a further period of one year:

Sqd Ldr. B.L.Sadhu President
Smt Phoola Raina Vice President
Sh. Anil Mattoo General Secretary
Sh. M.L.Wattal Finance Secretary
Sh. Surinder Kaul Joint Secretary
Ms. Arti Kaul Social Secretary

Members: Sh. A.K.Nehru, Sh. Ashok Tiku, Dr. Rakesh Dhar, Sh. Sanjay Tiku, Sh. Sanjeev Kaul, Sh. Manoj Handoo & Sh. Ajay Pandita. Sh. M.L.Ambardar and Sh. C.L.Pandita, both Trustees were also re-elected.


Mahanirvan Anniversary of Bhagwan Sri Gopinathji Maharaj:

The 35th Mahanirvan Anniversary of Bhagwan Sri Gopinathji Maharaj was celebrated at Narmadheshwar Mandir, Trombay on 2nd June 2003. A Hawan was performed with full sanctity followed by a community Prasad. Fotedar family played a major role in the celebrations.


Yegneopavit ceremony of Dheeraj (S/o Smt. Sarla and Shri S.K.Razdan of Mayant Apartments, I.C.Colony, Borivali) was performed at Mumbai on 7th May, 2003.


Dheeraj (S/o Smt. Sarla & Shri S.K.Razdan of Mayank Apartments, I.C.Colony, Borivali) was married to Sangeeta (D/o Smt. & Shri Sanatan Das of Brahmapur, Orissa) on 12 May 2003 at Bhubaneshwar. Wedding Reception-cum-Dinner, to bless the couple, was also held at MIG Cricket Club, Kalanagar, Bandra on 17th May 2003. 

Change of Address:


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In the Oct-Dec 2002 issue of Milchar, the residential address of Shri Ashok Moza (LM-565) has inadvertently been shown wrong. His correct address is: C-315, Jyoti C.H.Society, Shahad (W), Kalyan, Dist. Thane 421 103. Tel: 0251-2300418.  Error is regretted.





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