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January-March 2003 issue

Sharika Bhagwati painting

Sharika Bhagwati in Kashmiri Panditani attire
(Photo courtesy, Vitasta Annual, Kashmir Sabha, Kolkata)

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An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri


The Evil Strikes Again 
... P.N.Wali 

P.N. WaliIn the last issue of Milchar, we had spoken about the Kashmiri Pandits still living in Kashmir. How unfortunate it is that these very people have become victims of yet another carnage since that issue. When I met some people in Kashmir few months back, they were apprehensive of things to come. They believed tragedy struck them every two years, Sangrampura (1996), Wandhama (1998), and Wadhvan (2000). They were keeping there fingers crossed for 2002. But the unrelenting forces of evil did not spare for long . The dark face of EVIL has not only struck these innocent people in a far away corner of Kashmir alone. It has in a way struck all those few thousands, who were eking there lives in the valley. It has struck all of us living outside Kashmir, for whom Kashmir continues to be part of our being. And beyond anything else, it has struck the civilized society of the World.

 What we witnessed after the carnage, was the utter helplessness of the Indian society - be it the Government, the Opposition, the Media or the Common gentry. The whole nation looks to be clueless. The same words of disgust and sympathy uttered any number of times look empty and devoid of any meaning. No body is ready to strike at the root of the problem. Treating the symptoms will not serve the purpose. The enemy symbolised by its civil and military head - Musharaf, is doing anything to perpetuate the problem. He has gone on record, in an interview to an Indian journalist at Kualalampur that his intelligence agencies are involved. And he justified it. Our leaders have time and again called it a proxy war, but give no clue if they intend to fight it at all. The whole nation looks to be stuck in a blind alley. The lesson from Iraq is not learnt, where a country uses all its might to fight a supposed enemy. We have a real enemy who is striking any where and everywhere, whether it be in defenseless pastures of Kashmir, the crowded localities of India’s commercial capital Mumbai or the symbol of the Indian nationhood, the Parliament itself. We are not just sleeping, we are dazing. In such situation we cannot but sympathise with the victims who happen to be our own kins back in Kashmir.

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