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January-March 2003 issue

Sharika Bhagwati painting

Sharika Bhagwati in Kashmiri Panditani attire
(Photo courtesy, Vitasta Annual, Kashmir Sabha, Kolkata)

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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri


An important note from Bhawani Sahasranaam
- Vijaya Bhan

There are some popular names of Indian rivers, which are revelatory of different aspects of Mother's power. It may be mentioned in this context that river symbolises motion as also the sound. 

 The meaning of nadi (river) is 'to make the sound' as the word comes from its Sanskrit root 'nad', musical sound gushing out from mountain and oozing from springs, streams flow into rivers which ultimately get absorbed in the ocean.

 This connotes the course of Atmen with its sound Soham (I and He) ever moving to its Absolute, Ultimate Goal, the Supreme Self. In Sakta Darsma, it connotes Nada movement and Sound called Sabdabrahma. Nada  is the union of Siva and Sakti. Nada is the Will aspect of Divine Mother, the seed of all manifestation. It is the vibration of OM. When mind is fixed on Nada, a nahate sound is heard. Nad stage is the third in the eight distinctions of Bindu. In this context, the names of the rivers assume meaning:


The river of heaven leading to peace.


The river of heaven, lreading to peace.


The flow of Divinity.


Goddess who subdues pain.


Unrevealed primordial speech.


Dispeller of ignorance through knowledge.


The Goddess who cuts the knots of worldliness.


The exerciser of self-effacing charm.


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