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June-July 2003 issue

The Natural Ice-Lingam of Shri Amarnathji

The Natural Ice-Lingam of Shri Amarnathji
(Photo from ‘Kashmir’ by Francis Brunel)  

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  Situation Vacant

Wanted A Saviour for World Peace

World today needs a rejuvenation. This will come only with the revival of great ideals preached in different religions of the world. For this, extensive rebuilding needs to be initiated to acquire physical, mental and spiritual awakening. The inspiration for such an awakening can come from a prophet of peace, for instance someone like Guru Nanak, Kabir, Sai Baba of Shirdi, Swami Vivekananda, Sufis like Shah Abdul Latif, Mohi-ud-Din Chisti & Hazrat Nizam-ud-Din Awlia. Lal Ded and Nund Rishi of Kashmir, and kings like Ashoka and Akbar can bring about a synthesis of various religions and schools of thought. World today stands in need of such seers, leaders and social reformers, and men of love, sympathy and sacrifice. Is there anyone at present who can fulfil the requirements of a potential saviour? Situation vacant - Wanted a saviour for world peace!

In every holy scripture of the world, appearance of the 'Promised Redeemer' are fore-told. Hindus are promised the return of Lord Vishnu as the Kalki Avatar. Amitabha, the fifth Buddha, is to appear for the Buddhists. Zoroastrians await their twin manifestation 'Hooshidar' and 'Shah Bahran'. Jews anticipate the advent of the Messiah. Christians world-wide yearn for the return of Jesus in the 'Glory of the Father'. Devout Muslims look forward to the appearance of Imam Mehdi. Amidst the spiritual stirrings of the nineteenth century and the expectations of an imminent appearance of manifestation of God for that age was born Bahu-Ullaha, son of an Iranian nobleman who declared he was the 'Promised one' and preached for peace in the world.

The main purpose of the coming of the 'Promised one' is to usher in an era of peace to establish the kingdom of God on this troubled earth and mankind to unite all castes and creeds in a 'Vasudheva Kutumbhakam' or 'Entire world a family'. That single manifestation would be recognised as Kalki Avatar of the Hindus, Amitabha of the Buddhists, Shah Bharau of the Zoorastrans and so on and be universally accepted as a sole redeemer of the entire human race. This is the only way that such kingdom of God can be realised and established on earth. World-wide social development can bring within the grasp of mankind, the peace and unity of its dreams. Only a spiritual awakening and investment and not material development can enable the troubled world to take that step. Alas! The present religious preachers of the world like the present so-called political leaders of the world are posers only.




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