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October-November 2003 issue

Kashmir's Silk Embroidery with floral patterns

Table of Contents

Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri


Project ZAAN

Know Your Language

Peculiar Kashmiri Words & Phrases  -  4

(commencing a work with  incomplete or improper materials ~ something done just temporarily)


(to labour in vain)


(to become stupid)

(deceitful light of moon in the latter half of the night, giving impression of the dawn)


(a fat greedy fool)

(to dedicate anything with appropriate religious ceremonies ~ to offer in charity ~ to leave anything or anybody without care)

(one who follows the prescribed rites and obligations connected with an intercalary month)

(cholera or similar violent epedemic, capable of killing people)

(a huge evil spirit infested at a fixed place)





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