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October-November 2003 issue

Kashmir's Silk Embroidery with floral patterns

Table of Contents

Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri


Report & Biradari News

Visit of Shankaracharya of Kashyap Meru Peeth to Mumbai

His Holiness Shri Swami Amritanand Devtirathji Maharaj, Shankaracharya of Kashyap Meru (Kashmir) Peeth, on his way from Delhi to Pune, was very kind to pay a visit to Kashyap Bhawan and interact with the members of the Board of Trustees of Kashmiri Pandits' Association. His Holiness also addressed the biradari gathering and stayed at Kasyap Bhawan for about 5 hours.

Zaan Quiz Contest:

This programme could not be held strictly as per schedule though full scale arrangements had been made by the organisers, expecting a good turnout of members for the Competition. The programme had to be rescheduled in view of the visit of His Holiness Shri Swami Amritanand Devtirathji Maharaj, Shankaracharya of Kashyap Meru (Kashmir) Peeth, at a very short notice.

     Since most of the people left the venue after having stayed with His Holiness till 4.00 PM. not many were left to participate in the Competitions. A Kashmiri Language Refresher Course was however held in the evening, with an audience of about 30 people. Quiz Contests were held thereafter, with only a few children and 18 elders.

It may be mentioned that the lunch for about 120 people attending the Event, was sponsored by POUSH, a Kashmiri Cuisine Restaurant at Andheri (Courtesy Om Takoo) as part of their contribution to the cause of Project Zaan. The Zaan Committee and the Kashmiri Pandits' Association thank them for the honoured gesture.

Following were declared the Winners:

1.  Kashmiri Recitation (Sub Junior category)                  

 Only Contestant       Priyanka Kaul --- First

2. Quiz Contest (Sub Junior Category)

      Priyanka Kaul ... First

      Mineet Kaul ... Second

      Chetna Shah ... Third

3.  Reading Kashmiri (Junior Category)

     Only Contestant     Shifali Raina  ... First

4. Reading Kashmiri (Senior category)

     Only Contestant     Ashish Safaya ... First

5.  Quiz Contest (Elders)

     i) Vicharnaag Team  ...     First

     (Team Members: Sarla Kaul, Meena Kaul, Shifali Raina)

     ii) Tulmul Team  ...     Second

     (Team Members:  Neelam Shah, C.L.Raina,  Suriender Kachroo)

     iii) Devibal Team  ...     Third

     (Team Members: Ashish Safaya, Capt. Rakesh Shah, Sunil Mattoo)

Awards and Cash Prizes were given away to the last year's Zaan Quiz Winners and Crossword winners respectively. As already notified, Cash Prizes of Rs. 50.00 each for the 5 All-correct Crosswords have been sponsored by Impressions, Printers and Publishers, Vasai. This year, the Cash Prizes were also given for not-all-correct entries, to encourage children.

Sunil Fotedar:

Sunil Fotedar, the Web Master of 'Milchar' and 'Zaan' has shifted his residence from Texas to 3202, Wheaton Way # A, Ellicott City, MD 21043-4258, USA, where he has taken a contract job for the Social Security Administration (SSA).

KPA congratulates him and wishes him all success with the new assignment.

New Website for Kashmiri Music:

A new Website for Kashmiri Music, including Bhajans and Pooja has been developed by Sunil Fotedar of Texas. The site can be accessed at:


Sunil Fotedar is also the Web Master for Milchar (www.milchar.com) and Zaan (www.zaan.net).

News from Delhi (Input Dalip Langoo):

Miltsar Group of Kashmir presented a Kashmiri Cultural Show at the national Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) on 13th November 2003 on the eve of the J&K Day. The show was organised by NIFT to educate students all about Kashmiri heritage. The Cultural Dance Show was part of the long 3 day exhibition at the NIFT premises, New Delhi. The music and dance of Kashmir was appreciated for its costumes, harmonius beats and soothing melody of Kashmiri songs. The Miltsar Group congratulated and thanked the organisers for the noble mission and its success.

VCD of Film BUB in Kashmiri

VCD of BUB, a Kashmiri film produced after a gap of 38 years, has been released. The VCD is avaiable at Sanjay Electronics, Shop No. 9, Kashmiri Market, Near Subway, INA, New Delhi (sanjayele_koul@yahoo.com). It may be recalled that the award winning film, produced by NFDC and directed by Jyoti Sarup, features Virendra Razdan (Vidhur of Mahabharata fame) and K.K.Raina in the lead roles. Shri Razdan is no more with us now.

New assignment

Smt. Neerja Mattoo of Joshi Apartments, Lallubhai Park Road, Andheri has joined the S.P.Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai as Co-Chairperson, Centre for Development of Corporate Citizenship. Congratulations from KPA.




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