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January-February 2004 issue

Swami Vivekananda at Kshir Bhawani, Kashmir 

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Plants obtain their energy directly from sunlight, using a substance called chlorophyll to capture the energy. Chlorophyll is bright green and it is packed away inside leaves. When sunlight shines on a leaf, chlorophyll soaks it up and then passes on the energy, so that it can be used to combine water and carbon dioxide to make glucose (oxygen is produced as a by-product and is released through the leaves).

Plants use glucose as a fuel and they can also turn it into hundreds of other substances, including sticky sugars, floury starch and building materials that make some kinds of wood such as ebony and greenheart almost as hard as metal. Over many years, some plants grow 140 meters tall and end up weighing more than 1000 tonnes - thanks to energy collected from the Sun.

Animals cannot carry out photosynthesis, but they depend on it for survival. This is because photosynthesis allows plants to grow to become food for plant eating animals, which in turn are food for hunters. Without photosynthesis, the food chain would break down.




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