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May-June 2004 issue

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The Ourobouros of Organic Chemistry

One of the most famous aromatic compounds in organic chemistry is benzene, whose molecules each consist of six carbon atoms and six hydrogen atoms: but what is benzene's molecular structure? Today, the answer to this question is well known, but during much of the nineteenth century, it was a profound mystery. One night, after yet another fruitless attempt to discover the structure, German chemist Friedrich August Kekule fell asleep and dreamed a bizarre dream in which the various atoms of benzene were cavorting all around him, combining and recombining in a dizzy phantasmagoria of shapes. Suddenly, right before his amazed eyes, they united to form an ourobouros - a snake-like dragon that clasps its own tail in its mouth, forming a ring. Instantly, Kekule awoke and knew that at last he had found the answer: the six carbon atoms of benzene were linked to one another not in a line, or in a series of branched connections, but in a closed ring! And he was right.




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