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Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


A Welcome Thought!

Once upon a time, 
in the great Himalayas 
Of the vale, 
there lived a pundit. 
He was persecuted 
by a bandit. 
The former was scared away 
From his aboriginal home. 
Horrible spell gripped the green belt, 
and destroyed the serenity of 
The HEAVEN on Earth! 
But soon, God's will prevailed. 
Winter set in with a heavy snowfall 
and biting cold: 
The bandits fled for life, helter, skelter 
over the snowy hills and 
down the sleety dales. 
Some were caught under landslides 
and some, with frosty toes, 
Took shelter in the warmth of plains. 
The Heaven's smiled, 
and the sun peeped through the clouds 
A strong puff of AIR cradled 
the pundit back home 
in sweet reunion 
with the brethren of his own race!



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