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An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri

Panun Kashmir


Symbol of Unity


Facets of Sachin!

One man
On whom our hopes lay.
One man
Who keeps our fears at bay.
With timeless, boundless
Reserves of energy and grit
He fights - A Crusader!

With his kind of dedication -
A kind of aura,
A kind of myth
Surrounds him - A Demigod!

He commands respect.
Always proving himself,
With his willow.
Yet, down to earth - An Emperor!

All contemporaries
Left dumbfounded,
Confess of being answerless - A Champion!

On the field, he calls the shots.
Pumping excitement into,
The onlookers.
Enjoying faces get glued
Watching with great admiration - An Entertainer!

Scores of wannabes
Track all his movements.
Getting inspired to become
The champions of future - An Idol!



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